Friday, January 31, 2014


Cyberwarfare: A game-changing issue in the next war Serving as number two in the IDF's legal division and essentially running its day-to-day affairs, Col. Sharon Afek was already considered one of the smartest and influential lawyers in the country.

IDF: Dramatic increase in Gaza terror in January There was a dramatic increase in terror activity from Gaza in January.

Anti-Semitic Comedian 'A Victim of His Own Fascism' Anti-Semitic comic Dieudonne M'Bala M'Bala and his followers may consider himself a victim of "the system", but he is in fact simply a victim "of his own fascist convictions".

Syria peace talks end first round in deadlock A first round of peace talks on Syria wraps up Friday with both sides in entrenched positions and the UN mediator expressing frustration.

Quartet to meet in Munich over stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace talks Top officials from the United Nations, United States, Russia and European Union will meet on Saturday.

Jerusalem of Hamas? Israel's leading daily newspaper, Yediot Ahronot, ran a feature story this week warning that the nation's capital is quietly changing from "Jerusalem of Gold" to "Jerusalem of Hamas."

Hot to trot: China and the world in the Year of the Horse In China, what is known as the Spring Festival is the scene of the largest internal migration on earth.

Israel Wages 'War Between Wars' as Mideast Threats Simmer Israel's military is confounded by a new challenge: quiet.

U.S. withdrawal left behind an Iraqi government unequal to the challenge The Iraqi military and security forces remain ill-equipped to battle the Sunni revolt.

Germany signals new self-confidence on military operations German President Joachim Gauck has said his country should put aside World War II angst and play a bigger military role abroad.

Thursday, January 30, 2014


Iran can now build and deliver nukes, US intel reports Iran now has all the technical infrastructure to produce nuclear weapons.

Western Wall protest: 'End peace talks at once' Hundreds of right-wing demonstrators gathered at the Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Liberman: Settlers won't live under Palestinian rule Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman said Thursday Israel has no intention of leaving Israelis to live under Palestinian rule.

Experts: China Boosts Space Warfare Capabilities China is developing anti-satellite missiles and other exotic weapons that can destroy or disrupt vital U.S. military and commercial communications.

US 'concern' at Syria chemical weapons delay The US says only around 4% of the chemical weapons declared by the Syrian government has been removed.

Ya'alon: Democracy in the Arab world doubtful during my lifetime Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon expressed reserved hope on Thursday for stability in the Middle East.

Archbishops criticise Nigerian and Ugandan anti-gay laws The letter said homosexual people were loved and valued by God and should not be victimised or diminished.

Abbas world's No. 1 purveyor of anti-Semitism, minister says Intelligence and Strategic Affairs Minister Yuval Steinitz said that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas espoused more "anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli venom" than any other.

No good news from Moscow This week's summit has already been downgraded to a brief encounter between the European Union and Russian leaders.

Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych defiant amid turmoil Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych has insisted that he and his government are doing all they can to solve the crisis in the country.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


170,000 rockets are aimed at Israel's cities, says IDF intel head The head of Israel's most powerful intelligence agency depicted Wednesday a changing battlefield.

Ex-president warns Ukraine 'on brink of civil war' Ukraine's first post-independence president has warned the country is on the "brink of civil war".

Pentagon Concerned by China's New High-Speed Missile China's recent test of a new ultra-high speed strike vehicle highlights growing concerns that Chinese military advances will overtake those of the United States in as few as five years.

Netanyahu: Israel is leading West's cyber-security fight For Israel, cyber-security isn't just about protecting information systems, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said.

Obama: I will veto any new Iran sanctions bill President Barack Obama highlighted the recently implemented nuclear interim agreement with Iran as a key victory for American foreign policy.

IDF chief: No matter who wins in Syria, Israel loses IDF Chief of General Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz on Wednesday shared a bleak outlook on the internal conflict in Syria.

Shin Bet: Hamas seeks to boost presence in Jerusalem Over the past several weeks the Shin Bet security service has arrested 16 men on suspicion of running a Hamas headquarters in Jerusalem.

The 'Kerry Plan': Palestinian capital in east Jerusalem, recognition of Jewish state The "Kerry Plan" is likely to be unveiled soon, Thomas Friedman of The New York Times wrote on Tuesday in a column titled "Why Kerry is Scary."

Turkey-Iran Alliance Looming? Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan arrived in Iran on Tuesday.

'Never Again', Say European Parliamentarians at Aushcwitz Israeli MKs who visited Auschwitz on International Holocaust Remembrance Day on Monday were joined by European parliamentarians.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Most Americans think Obama not doing enough to stop Iran The American public overwhelmingly supports Israel in most issues, but opposes US President Barack Obama's positions on related matters.

Turkey's Erdogan to arrive in Iran, discuss Ankara-Tehran ties Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan was expected to arrive in Tehran on Tuesday.

Again: Hamas Cell Nabbed on Temple Mount The Israel Police, working with the Shin Bet security service, have nabbed over a dozen members of a Hamas-linked terrorist cell in Jerusalem.

New Tech Protects Israel's Nuclear Secrets The nuclear facility in Dimona is using new technology to prevent information leaks.

Iraq and Iran plot oil revolution in challenge to Saudi Arabia Iraq is poised to flood the oil market by tripling its capacity to pump crude by 2020.

Abbas Gives Israel 3 Years to Withdraw from Judea and Samaria Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas has given Israel 3 years to withdraw from Judea and Samaria in the event that an interim agreement is reached.

100 Said Dead in Islamist Atrocity in Nigeria Islamist terrorists used explosives and heavy guns in an atrocious double-pronged attack that killed at least 100 civilians.

El-Sissi moves to cement his 'one man show' in Egypt Army chief Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, who led the coup ousting Egypt's Islamist president, moved closer to declaring his candidacy to replace him.

Ya'alon: No one is talking Iran's terror activities in Iraq, Syria or Gaza Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon warned Tuesday of the world's lack of awareness of Iran's support of terror.

Anti-Semitism Remains Problem in Europe Think anti-Semitism, the kind that gave rise to the Holocaust, is dead? Think again.

Monday, January 27, 2014


As world marks Holocaust Memorial Day, Netanyahu decries silence over Iran's annihilative ambitions Questioning Israel's basic right to exist "undermines the foundations of Western civilization," Netanyahu says.

Egypt's army chief Sisi to run for president, confirm military sources Senior military figures say Abdel Fatah al-Sisi will enter race for presidency once nominations open officially.

Analysis: Will the Muslim Brotherhood join jihadists amid crackdown? Muslim Brotherhood founder Sheikh al-Banna introduced the concept of "the art of death" in 1947, ordering his men to prepare for jihad using the group's secret battalions. Is today's Brotherhood heading in the same direction?

* 'Govt. to Split Jerusalem - Where are the Rabbis?' Rabbi Yisrael Ariel wonders at fellow rabbis' silence over plan to give away Jerusalem holy sites.

Palestinians Say 'NO' to Peace Talks Thousands of Palestinian Arabs rallied in cities across the so-called "West Bank" on Saturday demanding that their leadership stop participating in US-brokered peace talks with Israel.

Fatah Leader Calls for "Armed Uprising" A senior member of Abbas' Fatah party calls to 'renew the armed uprising' against Israel; follows threat to 'bomb Tel Aviv'.

Video: Jihadists Produce Gaza's First Domestic Missile Launcher Mujahideen Brigades boasts new anti-tank missile launcher in video, shows growing domestic military industry.

Iranian Revolutionary Guards threaten US after Kerry says military option is 'ready' Tehran shoots down idea that IAEA will set up office there; Comments by secretary of state are 'more like a bluff,' says senior adviser to Ayatollah Khamenei.

To murder 6 million people, the Nazis showed us, you don't even need fanatics Buried at Auschwitz is our certainty in a shared humanity. We now know that any limits to human cruelty, if they exist at all, lie beyond the most rabid viciousness ever conceived.

Syria talks: 'Impasse' at Geneva on power transfer The Syrian peace talks in Geneva are deadlocked over the divisive issue of transferring power to a transitional government.

Saturday, January 25, 2014


Secrets from the Temple Mount The summer of 2007 was a tumultuous one on the Temple Mount.

Frustration grows over slow pace of Syrian chemical handover Western governments are growing impatient with Syria's failure to follow up promptly on a first small shipment of chemical weapons.

Israel fears it is next target of al-Qaeda-linked jihadis in Syria A sharp increase in the number of al-Qaeda linked fighters joining the fight against President Bashar Assad in Syria is threatening to spill over the borders.

Four dead as Egypt marks revolution's third anniversary Four people have been killed in clashes in Egypt as the country marks the anniversary of the 2011 uprising.

The Syrian peace process: An exercise in futility The international conference that convened this week in the Swiss town of Montreux, in an attempt to find a way toward resolving the war in Syria, is one of the more strange international gatherings.

British Museum: Prototype for Noah's Ark was round It was a vast boat that saved two of each animal and a handful of humans from a catastrophic flood.

'Saddam gave orders to fire chemical weapons at Tel Aviv if he was toppled in First Gulf War' Saddam Hussein gave orders to his subordinates to launch missiles with chemical warheads at Israel.

Team USA Uniforms 'Pose Security Risk' In Sochi American athletes gearing up for the Sochi Winter Olympics have been told not to wear their Team USA uniforms outside the games' venues amid security concerns.

The Sochi Olympics terror threat has links to camps in Syria that are supported by the U.S. The planned wave of jihadist terrorism against the Sochi Winter Olympics (Feb. 7-23) is likely to be more extensive than was earlier considered.

Inside Iran: Iran's demographic problem Is there a correlation between Iran's nuclear program and its low fertility rate or, perhaps as well, between the vitality of Islamic civilization and its shrinking birthrates?

Friday, January 24, 2014


Egypt militants step up campaign with Cairo blasts Militants have stepped up their campaign against security forces in Egypt.

US plans to train Iraqi troops in Jordan US officials are developing plans to use a small number of US special operations forces in Jordan.

Syrian Electronic Army of hackers targets CNN The Syrian Electronic Army claimed responsibility for hacking some of US broadcaster CNN's social media account.

Netanyahu: Iran has spent $160 billion on nuclear weapons drive Israel estimates that Iran has spent at least $160 billion on its drive to nuclear weapons.

Watch: Gaza Youth Encouraged to Carry Out Terror Attacks Suicide terror attacks against the "Zionist enemy" were glorified in a televised graduation ceremony for a Hamas youth camp in Gaza.

Syria foes 'to meet face-to-face' at Geneva II talks Syria's opposition and government will meet "in the same room" in Geneva on Saturday.

Israel Among Ten Most Powerful Nations In World Israel, the tiny nation that defied history in coming back to life after 2,000 years of exile, is among the top 10 most powerful nations in the world.

US plans to train Iraqi troops in Jordan US officials are developing plans to use a small number of US special operations forces in Jordan.

The root of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu believes that Palestinian recognition of Israel as a Jewish state is necessary for true peace.

Obama and Kerry 'Disappointed' By Jewish Criticism A source close to US President Barack Obama and US Secretary of State John Kerry has said the two are "uncomfortable" with what he terms "Jewish activity in Congress".

Thursday, January 23, 2014


Netanyahu: Israel isn't what's wrong with Middle East, it's what's right with Middle East Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said Thursday at the Davos World Economic Forum that investing in the Israeli economy is a way to facilitate peace.

Rouhani bids for better ties with all, except Israel Iranian President Hassan Rouhani reached out for improved relations with the world.

Global elite descend on Davos to 'reshape world' Once a year Switzerland becomes much more than the sum of its chocolate, watches and banking sector.

Former PLO negotiator calls on PA to endorse 'resistance' against Israel The peace talks between the Palestinian Authority and Israel are headed toward failure.

Swiss Guard veteran claims existence of 'gay network' at the Vatican A former commander of the Swiss Guard, the small force of men whose job it is to protect the pope, has said there is "a network of homosexuals" within the Vatican.

Lapid: Press the world to recognize the Golan Heights as part of Israel Israel should take advantage of Syria's poor image in the world to ask the international community to recognize Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights.

Abbas In Russia To Sign Energy Deal Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, while in Russia on Thursday, was reported to be signing a $1 billion natural gas project in Gaza.

Lebanese Baby 'Joins' Hezbollah The Lebanese Hezbollah terrorist organization accepts babies onto its ranks.

EU sends mixed message on Ukraine, as death toll mounts The EU is sending mixed messages to Ukrainian leader Viktor Yanukovych, amid a growing death toll.

Eurozone is the 'real' EU, Sikorski says Poland wants to join the eurozone because it is the political heart of the European Union.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Syria Geneva II peace talks begin with bitter exchanges Syria's government and main political opposition have traded bitter accusations.

Ukraine protests: Two people killed in Kiev clashes Two people have been killed in clashes between police and protesters in the Ukrainian capital Kiev.

NATO sources: Russia still shipping advanced weapon systems to Assad regime Russia, after numerous pledges, has intensified weapons deliveries to Syria.

PA Minister: Jihad Should be Directed at Jerusalem, Not Syria In the latest incident of Palestinian Authority (PA) incitement against Israel, a PA minister openly called for "Jihad" in Jerusalem.

Al Qaeda Cell Nabbed in Jerusalem; Major Terrorist Plots Averted The Shin Bet and Israel Police have uncovered a Global Jihad terror cell in eastern Jerusalem.

Waqf Blocked Harper 'because of Jewish Bodyguards' Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper planned to tour the Temple Mount after visiting the Western Wall (Kotel) Tuesday, but the visit was torpedoed.

Supporters urge Egypt general to run for president Thousands of supporters of Egypt's powerful army chief rallied in a Cairo stadium.

US imposes Ukraine sanctions, EU voices 'worry' The US has imposed sanctions on Ukrainian officials deemed guilty of ordering violence against pro-EU protesters.

U.S., UN Horrified by Photo Evidence of Syria War Crimes Both the United States and the United Nations expressed horror on Tuesday over photographic evidence which showed that Syrian government officials committed serious war crimes.

Sochi hunts for potential suicide bombers Russian security officials are hunting down three potential female suicide bomber.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Egypt's Sisi to quit post in a few days to run for president Egypt's military chief, Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, plans to resign from his post in the coming days.

Syria: Al Qaeda Training Western Citizens for Terror Abroad Al-Qaeda has been using the influx of foreign nationals to Syria to train potential terrorists to begin cells abroad.

Russia's Sergei Lavrov: Ukraine getting 'out of control' Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has warned that protests in Ukraine are "getting out of control".

I Am Overwhelmed by 55 Million Babies Killed Since Roe v. Wade What can I say that hasn't already been said about today?

Syria accused of torture and 11,000 executions The investigators examined thousands of still images of dead prisoners, many reportedly smuggled out by a defector.

Islamic law takes hold in northern Syria: Singing, smoking and pictures banned A group linked to al-Qaida, emboldened by its recent victory over rival rebels in Syria, has imposed sweeping restrictions on personal freedoms.

Turkey PM Erdogan gives new push to EU membership bid EU politicians have voiced concern about the state of Turkey's democracy.

Iraq executes 26 men on 'terrorism' charges Iraq has executed 26 people convicted of "terrorism" offences, according to officials.

In first, Iranian warships en route to Atlantic Iran's navy has dispatched warships on a mission to the Atlantic Ocean for the first time in history.

Economist removes 'anti-Semitic cartoon' after criticism The Economist removed a controversial cartoon which observers blasted as anti-Semitic.

Monday, January 20, 2014


Syria crisis: Iran cannot go to Geneva peace talks - US The US has urged the UN to drop its invitation to Iran to join peace talks on Syria, due to begin in two days.

Killings of Christians by Islamists Doubled in 2013 According to Open Doors, a non-denominational group that supports persecuted Christians worldwide, the official number of Christians killed for their faith around the world doubled in 2013, compared to 2012. 

Poll: Two Thirds of Israelis Think Obama Will Let Iran Go Nuclear Only 22 percent think Obama would "ensure that Iran does not achieve a nuclear weapon."

Syria: ISIS Calls for End of Rebel Infighting Al-Qaeda-linked Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant reaches out to other rebel groups which have declared war on it.

Terror 'Surprise' for Sochi Olympics? Purported Suicide Bombers' New Threat Citing a new "surprise package" for Russia and Olympic spectators, Islamist militants in the North Caucasus Sunday launched a new threat to the Sochi Olympics with a purported "martyrdom" video by two suicide bombers who attacked a transit hub 400 miles away.

Rosetta: Earth waits for comet-chaser signal Rosetta, Europe's decade-long quest to put a robotic lander on a comet, has reached a key milestone.

Obama: Al Qaeda 'Jayvee' Compares al Qaeda to junior varsity team putting on Lakers jerseys: "That doesn't make them Kobe Bryant."

Muslim Authorities Filling Temple Mount with Trash Cans Jews who ascended to the Temple Mount in the last few days discovered that the Muslim Waqf has been planting trash cans throughout the plaza atop the Mount.

Dani Dayan: 'We Can Overcome Kerry' Judea & Samaria Council foreign envoy emphasizes unity of Judea and Samaria groups in opposing Kerry's framework plans.

EU suspends Iran sanctions, but mistrust remains EU countries have agreed to immediately suspend some Iran sanctions, but plenty of mistrust remains.

Saturday, January 18, 2014


Muslim States Urge Greater International Pressure on Israel Muslim nations urged the international community Saturday to put pressure on Israel to stop construction in Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria.

Iran Takes Global 'Victory Lap' Senior Iranian officials have launched a full blown diplomatic charm offensive across the Middle East and Europe.

Obama Giving Up on Promoting Democracy in Middle East, North Africa The Obama administration has given up on promoting democracy in the Middle East and North Africa.

U.S. troops may return to Middle East to train Iraqis The Pentagon is considering sending U.S. troops back to the Middle East to help train Iraqi forces.

Islamist militants strengthen grip on Iraq's Falluja Al Qaeda and other insurgent groups have tightened their grip on Falluja.

Benedict XVI defrocked nearly 400 priests in two years Close to 400 priests were defrocked in only two years by the former Pope Benedict XVI over claims of child abuse.

Gaza's teens prepare for battle with Israel The New York Times followed a graduation ceremony at Hamas' training camp in Gaza.

Egypt announces landslide win for constitution Voters overwhelmingly supported Egypt's military-backed constitution in a two-day election.

'Palestinians to reject Kerry peace plan, launch diplomatic war on Israel' The Palestinian leadership has reportedly decided to reject Secretary of State John Kerry‚Äôs proposals for an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal.

118 steps to a pioneer's house When Yehoshua Hankin purchased the Jezreel Valley in 1920, he added a codicil that gave him the right to both live and die somewhere in its midst.

Friday, January 17, 2014


Russia stepping up military aid to Syria's Assad In recent weeks Russia has stepped up supplies of military gear to Syria.

White House: World security hinges on success of Iran nuclear deal "For the sake of our national security and the peace and security of the world," diplomacy with Iran must be given a chance to succeed, the White House charged.

Hezbollah digs in for more conflict with Israel This week brought more wonders from the new and utterly unpredictable Middle East.

Jordan's king reportedly updated Netanyahu on Iran meeting Jordan's King Abdullah II updated Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the Iranian foreign minister's recent visit to Jordan.

Gaza's teens prepare for battle with Israel The New York Times followed a graduation ceremony at Hamas' training camp in Gaza, where the next generation of fighters is being trained ahead of a possible future battle.

A lopsided election victory The Egyptian constitutional referendum brings back memories of past Arab elections.

Police Ban Dried Fruit on Temple Mount Jews who ascend to the Temple Mount have become used discriminatory measures against them.

The Not Quite Dead Sea One of the most spectacular natural landscapes in the world, the Dead Sea is the world's largest day spa.

PM lashes European 'hypocrites' for settlement complaints Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Thursday that expanding already existing Jewish settlements does not impede the peace talks.

Netanyahu says if Rouhani agrees to recognize Israel, he would consider meeting him Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu may not meet with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland next week.

Thursday, January 16, 2014


'Israel will make Hamas suffer if Gaza rocket fire continues' The Islamist Hamas movement is probably not responsible for a recent upsurge in rocket fire out of Gaza where it rules, but will be made to suffer if the salvoes continue.

In Iran, Basij paramilitary holds sway With a presence in nearly every city and town across Iran, the paramilitary Basij volunteer corps has an ever-increasing influence on life in the Islamic Republic.

Jordan's king urges Israel to seize moment created by Kerry Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a surprise visit to Jordan on Thursday for talks with the king on the latest developments in the Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiation.

American Aid to Egypt May be Restored Congress is prepared to allow U.S. President Barack Obama to restore $1.5 billion in aid to Egypt.

China's Treasury Holdings Climb to Record in Government Data China's holdings of U.S. Treasuries increased $12.2 billion to a record $1.317 trillion in November.

UN panel confronts Vatican on child sex abuse by clergy The Vatican has been confronted publicly for the first time over the sexual abuse of children by clergy, at a UN hearing in Geneva.

France 'underestimated' Central African Republic hatred Gerard Araud told a UN meeting on Wednesday that African Union and French forces were confronting a "nearly impossible" situation.

'Reform or we leave EU,' warns British chancellor The UK will leave the European Union if the bloc refuses to reform.

EU should confront Russia on Ukraine Much has been said about the sins of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych.

'Israel Has Given Up All Moral Boundaries on Abortion' Israel's newly-passed health budget for 2014 includes a significant increase in government funding for legal abortions.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Hamas: Israel Will be Gone by 2022 Hamas Interior Minister Fathi Hamad marked the anniversary of the December 2008-January 2009 "Gaza War" with Israel.

Schism in EU? Intelligence co-operate with Syria amid political freeze European security officials are working together with the Syrian government to deal with the threat of European jihadists.

Precision-guided rockets, missiles becoming strategic threat, architect of missile defense system warns Israel's enemies are arming themselves with precision-guided heavy rockets.

Peaceful final day of voting on new Egypt constitution The army-backed government was seeking a "Yes" vote to endorse his removal.

Dozens killed in Iraq bomb attacks At least 73 people have been killed in a series of bombings in central Iraq.

World Bank: Global economy at turning point The global economy is at a "turning point", the World Bank has said, as it forecasts stronger growth for 2014.

13,000 teens complete Hamas training camps to emulate 'suicide martyrs' The Hamas government in Gaza celebrated the graduation on Monday of paramilitary camps geared at training high-school children.

Pope Francis's Vatican to Be Grilled by U.N. on Child Sex Abuse Pope Francis has won over many critics in his brief time as head of the Catholic Church by presenting a more humane and empathetic face of the Church.

Anti-Gay Law Takes Effect in Africa's Most Populous Country One day after Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan signed legislation criminalizing homosexuality.

Radicalism on the rise in Europe, says EU commissioner The European Commission has said preventive action is needed to stop what it sees as spreading radicalism across the EU.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


US run by Nazi space aliens, Iran claims Confirming the suspicions of many, the United States has been secretly run by a shadow government of German Nazi space aliens since 1945.

Rouhani boasts of West's 'surrender' to Iran in nuclear talks Iranian President Hassan Rouhani took to social media on Tuesday to boast that the interim nuclear agreement reached between Tehran and the P5+1 nations was the result of the "world powers surrender[ing] to the Iranian nation's will."

New Iran agreement includes secret side deal, Tehran official says Key elements of a new nuclear agreement between Iran and six world powers are contained in an informal, 30-page text not yet publicly acknowledged.

'Jihad in Jerusalem' Palestinian Authority (PA) Minister of Religious Affairs Mahmoud Al-Habash claimed Monday that Jihad fighters should not flock to Syria, but to Jerusalem.

Is it 1914 all over again? We're in danger of repeating mistakes that started WWI History never repeats itself, but it sure does rhyme, it has been said.

Obama/Kerry using limitless leverage to emasculate Israel On Sunday, Issa Karaka, the Palestinian Authority's minister for jailed terrorists, announced that in the next round of terrorist releases, Israel will release not only Palestinian terrorist murderers, but Israeli Arabs who murdered Israeli Jews in terrorist attacks.

After dispensing with Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt trains its sights on Hamas Egypt's military rulers plan to undermine the Palestinian militant group Hamas.

Pope Francis denounces 'horror' of abortion Pope Francis has issued his strongest condemnation yet of abortion.

Ya'alon criticized for reportedly calling Kerry 'obsessive, messianic' The office of Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon on Tuesday would neither confirm nor deny comments attributed to him calling US Secretary of State John Kerry "obsessive" and "messianic."

Nigeria: Homosexual Relationships Punishable by 14-Year Sentence Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan signed a bill into law earlier this month which sets the sentence to up to 14 years imprisonment for participants in homosexual relationships.

Monday, January 13, 2014


Israel holds burial service for Ariel Sharon Israel is holding the burial service of former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon at his family ranch in the Negev desert.

Meet al-Qaeda's new poster boy for the Middle East The fall of the Iraqi city of Fallujah back into the hands of al-Qaeda has shown the power of the movement's new leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Hamas: 'Israel Has Eight Years Left' Hamas' Interior Minister claims Palestinian Arabs to 'liberate' Israel by 2022.

Gaza's 'Parting Gift' to Sharon: A Rocket Attack Gaza Arab terrorists 'saluted' Ariel Sharon on the occasion of his funeral Monday by firing two rockets at the Negev Monday afternoon.

WATCH: Biden, Blair remember Sharon Former British PM bids farewell with Hebrew words, says Arik was 'born of the union of a great spirit and a big heart'; US vice president: Sharon had non-breakable commitment to the future of Jews.

Muslim world joins Palestinians in denouncing Sharon The events at Sabra and Shatila have not been forgiven or forgotten; critics say Sharon died without facing justice for his role in the massacre.

China Set to Seize South China Sea Island by Force Reports out of Chinese state media indicate that Beijing is set to invade an island in the South China Sea 'illegally occupied' by US ally the Philippines, stoking concerns that the tension filled region could explode.

POPE SAYS ABORTION EVIDENCE OF 'THROWAWAY CULTURE' Pope Francis on Monday criticized abortion as evidence of a "throwaway culture" that wastes people as well as food, saying such a mentality is a threat to world peace.

Nazi Symbol Use to be Banned in Israel The Ministerial Law Committee on Sunday approved a law that would forbid use of Nazi symbols, or calling someone a Nazi.

Arab ministers back Abbas in rejecting 'Jewish' Israel Kerry will not hesitate to name 'non-cooperative' side if negotiations fail, Palestinian foreign minister Malki says.

Saturday, January 11, 2014


Israel's indomitable protector, Ariel Sharon emblemized military audacity, evolving politics Ariel Sharon, the general and prime minister who embodied the Zionist notion of the new Jew - a robust man, adept with both plowshare and sword, and feared, hated, and adored for his proficiency with the latter, is dead.

Obama leads world leaders paying tribute to Sharon World leaders reacted with sorrow Saturday to the passing of former prime minister Ariel Sharon.

Egypt army chief al-Sisi 'may run for president' Egypt's army chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi will run for president if the people request it and the military supports the bid.

Iran and West 'Closer' to Agreeing on Deal Implementation Iran and world power representatives agreed on Friday on how to implement a landmark deal on containing Tehran's nuclear program.

Palestinians mark death of Sharon 'the butcher' Palestinian leaders and media on Saturday marked the death of former Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon with an outpouring of disgust for the man.

Israel's political leaders mourn Sharon as 'great warrior, extraordinary leader' Israeli leaders from across the political spectrum mourned the passing of former prime minister Ariel Sharon on Saturday.

Security and Defense: Israel's eyes and ears As Israel prepares to encounter increasingly unstable borders and a chaotic region, the IDF's Combat Intelligence Collection Corps is about to receive a set of hi-tech surveillance capabilities.

Iranian military official: Hezbollah capable of pinpoint missile strikes throughout Israel A senior Iranian Revolutionary Guard Commander said Saturday that Hezbollah in Lebanon has upgraded its capabilities.

Neo-Nazis Celebrate Shocking Holocaust Memorial Desecration Following a report by Arutz Sheva on the mass-desecration of Berlin's famous Holocaust Memorial by hoards of drug hooligans, which sparked international outrage, a veteran Berlin Parliamentarian and anti-extremism campaigner has expressed his outrage.

State funding archaeological dig in heart of Hebron Settlers in the West Bank have secured state support to renew archaeological excavations in Tel Rumeid.

Friday, January 10, 2014


Turkey: Assad and Jihadists Are 'Partners' Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu claimed on Thursday that the regime of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad and the Al-Qaeda affiliate the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) are "backstage partners".

Netanyahu Opposes Framework Dividing Jerusalem Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu announced to senior officials in his government that he won't agree to any division of Jerusalem.

Syria conflict: Rebel clashes 'leaves almost 500 dead' At least 482 people have been killed in clashes between Syrian rebels and the al-Qaeda-linked Islamist State.

Cairo artists take creative energy to the streets Egypt's revolution in 2011 gave birth to an explosion of new creativity, especially street art.

New 'Hand Of God' Picture Taken By Nasa Scientists said it was a nebula - a cloud of gas - around a neutron star.

Netanyahu, Rouhani to attend World Economic Forum in Davos Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani will both attend the World Economic Forum in the Swiss resort of Davos this month.

Russia throwing Iran lifeline: Negotiating big oil-for-goods deal Iran and Russia are negotiating an oil-for-goods swap worth $1.5 billion a month.

Sharon remains in grave condition following dramatic decline Former prime minister Ariel Sharon's continued to be in "grave" condition Friday morning.

Tel Aviv unveils first memorial to gay Holocaust victims Tel Aviv has become the first Israeli city to unveil a memorial in honour of gay and lesbian victims of the Nazi Holocaust.

'David's Castle' to be Unveiled on 'Palestinian' Land We reported last year on the discovery of an ancient biblical-era palace probably dating back to the time of King David.

Thursday, January 09, 2014


Al Qaeda controls more territory than ever in Middle East Al Qaeda now controls territory that stretches more than 400 miles across the heart of the Middle East.

Jerusalem cannot be sacrificed for peace One is Basic Law: Jerusalem, 1980, and the other is a more ancient law which prescribes an irreversible punishment for anyone working to remove sovereign territories from the State.

Syria: ISIS Vows to 'Crush' Other Rebel Groups The Al-Qaeda-affiliated group the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) on Tuesday urged its fighters to "crush" other rebel groups in Syria.

Nuclear talks exposed US hatred of Muslims, Iran's supreme leader says Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Thursday that nuclear negotiations with world powers had revealed US "enmity" towards the Islamic state.

Two states for two people? When pigs fly John Kerry has arrived in the area once again and in his pocket is a framework agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

Kerry is Behind European Boycotts Governmental sources report that US Secretary of State John Kerry is behind the European boycott threats on Israeli products and companies.

Palestinian Terror Education: Funded by U.S. Taxpayers UNRWA, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, shapes the mindset of a new generation of Palestinian youth.

Germany agrees to help destroy Syria's chemical weapons Germany is joining international efforts to destroy Syria's stockpile of chemical weapons.

Utah will not recognize same-sex marriages performed before high court stay Utah will not recognize the hundreds of same-sex marriages that were temporarily allowed by a federal judge's ruling.

2013 Record Year for Israeli Tourism Israel experienced a record breaking year in terms of tourism in 2013.

Wednesday, January 08, 2014


Unilateral Palestinian statehood - real threat or 'big bluff'? Notwithstanding the best intentions of US Secretary of State John Kerry, the current round of peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians may fail.

Exposed: Waqf Illegally Drilling on Temple Mount Muslim worshippers don't just have more freedom to pray on the Temple Mount, a recent investigation reveals: they apparently also have permission to drill.

Robert Gates, former defense secretary, offers harsh critique of Obama's leadership in 'Duty' In a new memoir, former defense secretary Robert Gates unleashes harsh judgments about President Obama's leadership.

Kindle F√ºhrer: "Mein Kampf" Tops Amazon Charts E-book versions of Hitler's opus are rising in the rankings on Amazon and iTunes. What gives?

Jimmy Carter Obama In an updated lesson in realpolitik, Russian President Vladimir Putin recently was happy to count Pope Francis as an ally.

Fifty US senators line up behind new Iran sanctions bill Support among Senate members for a new sanctions bill against Iran has doubled since the measure was introduced last month.

Deepest galaxy cluster ever pictured by Hubble The "deepest ever" image of a group of galaxies - "Pandora's Cluster" - has been captured by the Hubble Space Telescope.

General: Strategic Military Satellites Vulnerable to Attack in Future Space War U.S. strategic military satellites are vulnerable to attack in a future space war.

Neo-Nazis Celebrate Shocking Holocaust Memorial Desecration A veteran Berlin Parliamentarian and anti-extremism campaigner has expressed his outrage at the incident and vowed to protect the memorial - personally if necessary.

'We Will Not Uproot Jewish Communities- Big or Small' Housing Minister Uri Ariel declared to Arutz Sheva that Israel will not evict Jews from their Judea and Samaria homes.

Tuesday, January 07, 2014


Iraq violence: US speeds up supply of military equipment The US says it is speeding up the supply of military equipment to Iraq to help its government fight militant groups in western Anbar province.

PM: In peace deal, no settlements will be evacuated Following U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry's latest visit to region, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tells Likud MKs that progress has been made.

US-Brokered Deal 'Just the First Stage' in Israel's Demise A senior Palestinian Authority official has told Syrian TV that any agreement will simply be the "first stage" in eradicating Israel altogether.

US is greatest threat to world peace The US is the greatest threat to world peace, according to a global poll from WIN and Gallup International conducted in 65 countries and released Monday.

Syria chemical weapons: First consignment leaves Latakia The first consignment of Syrian chemical weapons materials has left the country on a Danish ship.

Turkish corruption probe row deepens Hours later the top judiciary body said it would investigate alleged misconduct by officials overseeing the inquiry.

N.Y. Group Applies To Build Satan Statue At Oklahoma State Capitol A New York-based satanic group has made a hell of a request.

Secret Location of 'King David's Castle' to be Revealed The location of a major archaeological find that was kept secret until now will be revealed to the public on Friday.

Israeli Rifle Named Rifle of the Year in America An Israeli-made rifle has been named the winner of the 2014 Golden Bullseye Award for American Rifleman Rifle of the Year.

Netanyahu may suffer if he signs peace deal, settler spokeman says David Wilder, the spokesman for Hebron's Jewish community, has written an article published by various right-wing Jewish outlets arguing that Ariel Sharo.

Monday, January 06, 2014


Iranian Cleric: 'Having a Nuclear Bomb is Necessary to Put Down Israel' A top Iranian lawmaker and cleric said that the country's uranium enrichment program could allow it to build a nuclear weapon 'in two weeks' in order to 'put down Israel,' according to multiple reports in the Farsi language press.

U.S. intel: Hizbullah receiving Russian cruise missiles via Syria Israel has determined that the Iranian-sponsored Hizbullah received an advanced Russian cruise missile.

Why Iraq's Most Violent Province Is a War Zone Again As elections loom in Iraq, Al-Qaeda is facing off against the government in the Sunni heartland of Anbar.

Iraq violence: PM urges Fallujah to oust militants Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki has urged residents of the embattled city of Fallujah to force out insurgents linked to al-Qaeda who have taken control there.

PA incitement continues: 'Jews are subhuman' Strategic Affairs Minister Yuval Steinitz presents report to cabinet showing that incitement by the Palestinian Authority against Jews and Israel has not gone down during the current peace talks, and has even increased in some areas.

VIDEO: Palestinian Leadership 'Enthusiastically' Supported Nazis A senior Palestinian official last month confirmed for Russian television that the Palestinian Arab leadership at the time of World War II 'enthusiastically' supported Adolf Hitler's Nazi regime, especially its war against the hated 'Zionists.'

Muslim 'Missionary Center' Continues to Target Jewish Teens Muslim group in northern Israel is actively converting Israelis, especially teenage girls, to Islam.

'How Can You Make Peace With a Group That Venerates Hitler?' Yoni Chetboun questions ongoing peace process in light of PA incitement revelations, including glorification of Nazism.

Study: Most Israelis Have a Bible, But Never Open It A study commissioned by the Bible Lands Museum in Jerusalem found that the vast majority of Israeli Jews have bibles in their homes, but that a less than one-third have opened the scriptures since school or their army service.

Pope to visit Israel in May Pope Francis announces May 24-26 visit to Israel, Palestinian Authority and Jordan ~ Francis says trip is to strengthen ties between Christians and to promote peace and coexistence in the region ~ Israeli Foreign Ministry: He will be greeted warmly.

Saturday, January 04, 2014


Hezbollah Moves Long-Range Missiles from Syria to Lebanon Hezbollah has been moving long-range missiles from Syria to Lebanon.

Al-Qaeda-linked ISIS under attack in northern Syria A powerful al-Qaeda affiliate is on the defensive in north Syria.

Kerry: Israel, Palestinians progressing toward framework peace deal Israel and the Palestinians are making progress towards reaching a framework peace agreement.

New Year, same ol‚Äô Middle East US Secretary of State John Kerry is expected to land in Israel imminently to spur along peace talk.

Gun Confiscation- The US Government's New Year's Resolution For many Americans, 2013 was the year "gun confiscation" became an undeniable reality.

While Obamcare stuns the U.S., 'leading from behind' unravels world peace The U.S. is transfixed by the Obama administration's massively bungled attempt to nationalize one sixth of the economy, the health welfare system.

US pressuring Egyptian army not to back al-Sisi in presidential election Egypt's Supreme Council of the Armed Forces convened earlier this week to discuss the possibility of nominating Defense Minister Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Sisi for president.

Iraq militants 'still control parts of western cities' Sunni militants linked to al-Qaeda are reportedly still in control of parts of two cities in western Iraq.

Deputy Foreign Minister: Jordan Valley must be under Israeli sovereignty The Jordan Valley must be placed under Israeli sovereignty.

PA, Egyptian Report: Hamas Will be Trouble in 2014 The Palestinian Authority, itself run by the Fatah terror group, is concerned that Hamas, which controls Gaza, will try to further its influence.

Friday, January 03, 2014


Obama 'covertly recruiting' Muslims as diplomats President Barack Obama is said to have been quietly recruiting Muslims to serve as U.S. diplomats.

Up to 7,000 foreign jihadis fighting in Syria, new study finds Between 6,000 and 7,000 foreign fighters have arrived in Syria to take up arms with rebels against the Assad regime.

Security analyst: Hezbollah continues transferring arms from Syria to Lebanon Hezbollah has been moving long-range missiles from storage in war-ravaged Syria to Lebanon.

Iraq militants 'still control parts of western cities' Sunni militants linked to al-Qaeda are reportedly still in control of parts of two cities in western Iraq.

While Obamcare stuns the U.S., 'leading from behind' unravels world peace The U.S. is transfixed by the Obama administration's massively bungled attempt to nationalize one sixth of the economy.

US pressuring Egyptian army not to back al-Sisi in presidential election Egypt's Supreme Council of the Armed Forces convened earlier this week to discuss the possibility of nominating Defense Minister Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Sisi for president.

EU-Funded NGO Dehumanizes Jews on PA TV A recent broadcast by a European Union (EU) funded NGO has brought the defamation of Jews to new lows.

'Hezbollah smuggles advanced guided-missile systems into Lebanon' Hezbollah are smuggling components of advanced guided-missile systems into Lebanon.

Netanyahu: Time for Abbas to Stop Celebrating with Terrorists Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said on Thursday evening that the arrests of the 14 terrorists who were behind the bombing of a Bat Yam bus is proof that the Palestinian Authority (PA) is directly involved in planning and carrying out terror attacks.

Just like his predecessors, Kerry finds trouble crossing the Jordan The third phase of Palestinian prisoner releases, overnight Monday-Tuesday, prompted a predictable political storm.

Thursday, January 02, 2014


'Hezbollah commander says none of Israel's borders are safe' While Hezbollah remains entangled in the Syrian conflict, one of its top field commanders is warning in an interview with the British newspaper Guardian on Thursday that it would behoove Israel to remain on alert.

Kerry to Netanyahu: Israeli-Palestinian peace not 'mission impossible' The time for Israeli and Palestinian leaders to make "difficult decisions," has arrived US Secretary of State John Kerry said.

Deputy Foreign Minister: Jordan Valley must be under Israeli sovereignty The Jordan Valley must be under Israeli sovereignty, Deputy Foreign Minister Ze'ev Elkin (Likud) said.

PA, Egyptian Report: Hamas Will be Trouble in 2014 The Palestinian Authority, itself run by the Fatah terror group, is concerned that Hamas, which controls Gaza, will try to further its influence in PA-controlled areas of Judea and Samaria.

Jewish Home's New Film: 'American Bluff' US Secretary of State John Kerry, in Israel for his tenth visit since taking office, has been raising serious concerns with his security arrangement proposals.

Hamas Planned Church Bombings on Christmas Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood planned a series of bombings at Egyptian churches.

Secret Palestinian report warns of danger of new intifada A secret report by one of the Palestinian security services - obtained by Ynet - paints a worrying picture of a possible explosion in terror in the West Bank.

Iraqi security forces fight militants in Anbar province Special forces in Iraq are fighting jihadist militants who have reportedly taken over swathes of two cities.

Ariel Sharon's life in grave danger, family at bedside Former prime minister Ariel Sharon is suffering from vital organ failure.

U.S. hog herd falls more than expected as virus strikes The U.S. hog herd fell by 1 percent in the latest quarter, slightly more than forecast.

Wednesday, January 01, 2014


Dubai sets world fireworks record, as millions across globe usher in 2014 The record-breaking 400,000-firework display in Dubai crowned extravagant New Year's celebrations around the world, which elsewhere included edible snowfall, greetings from space and billions of euros in lottery prizes.

Palestinian ambassador in Prague killed in blast Explosion reportedly occurs when envoy, Jamal al-Jamal, opens a safe; one other person stricken with shock.

Gun Confiscation ~ The US Government's New Year's Resolution For many Americans, 2013 was the year 'gun confiscation' became an undeniable reality, but it has merely set the precedent for what’s to come in 2014.

IDF barely ready for 2014 Analysis: 'Jihadist tsunami' on Israel's borders, Hamas' underground system, renewed threat to strike Iran and possible violent conflict this summer are just some of challenges facing Israeli army in coming year.

New Year, same ol' Middle East 2014 makes an appearance on the front pages of the Hebrew dailies, but so do peace talks and price hikes.

Egypt: Tear Gas, Water Cannons Fired at Pro-Brotherhood Protest 300 students block road near Defense Ministry; Egyptian army responds with anti-rioting measures.

With Kerry in town, minister to expand Jordan Valley settlement Gideon Sa-ar, MKs will launch 'actual construction on a new neighborhood,' a move likely to anger visiting US secretary of state.

Iran and the West close to finalizing nuclear accord Top Islamic Republic negotiator says Geneva agreement likely to be implemented in late January.

American citizens rank Israel 6th on list of favorite countries Survey indicates that American citizens' most favorable countries are Canada, UK. Saudi Arabia marked at bottom of list. Some 61% expressed fondness of Israel.

South Sudan: UN calls for end to fighting as talks loom The head of the UN peacekeeping mission in South Sudan has called for an end to fighting in the country, and for peace talks to be given a chance.