Tuesday, October 31, 2017


'Joshua stopped the sun' 3,224 years ago today, scientists say Researchers claim epic Biblical story is earliest account of annular eclipse that occurred on October 30, 1207 BCE.

Iraqi Authorities Gain First Foothold at Kurdish Frontier The issue of control of the border crossing is of crucial importance for the landlocked Kurdish region.

Iran condemns 'blood-sucking Zionist regime' Iran's Foreign Ministry condemns Israel for destroying Gaza terrorist tunnels.

In Israel, Australian, New Zealand leaders mark landmark defeat of Turks in WWI 'Brave ANZAC soldiers liberated Beersheba and opened the gateway for the Jewish people to reenter the stage of history,' Netanyahu says in praise.

Iran Threatens Ballistic Missile Strikes on American Forces, Can Hit 'All U.S. Bases' Iran beefs up missile program as U.S. targets rocket research.

Iran Debuts Nuclear Power Plant in Bushehr Revolutionary Guard Commander: Our 2000 km ballistic missle range is enough to harm our enemies.

Waving the Israeli flag - a criminal offense? Following Kurdish demonstrations featuring Israeli flag, Baghdad outlaws waving of 'Zionist entity's flag'.

Reformation: Four things about the 500th anniversary celebrations A special religious service is being held in the German town of Wittenberg to mark the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.

Surprise! Study Shows Islamic Terrorism is Islamic Although the internet evidently did play a role in the radicalization process, the study showed that face-to-face encounters were more important, and that dawa, the proselytizing of Islam, played a central role in this process, as the men themselves became missionaries for Islam.

Puigdemont claims to be Catalan 'president' from Brussels Ex-Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont reappeared in public in Brussels on Tuesday (31 October), where he said he would continue to lead a government despite being dismissed by the Spanish government.