Saturday, August 06, 2016


School to Train Levite Priests for Third Temple Service to Open in Jerusalem  The Temple Institute has brought the Third Temple one step closer by establishing a school for Jewish priests (kohanim) to learn how to perform the Temple Service. 

Iran could have an operational nuke by 2017 end  The nuclear accord signed a year ago with Iran has become a hot US presidential campaign issue. 

Islamic State Answers Pope Francis: Ours Is a Religious War and We Hate You  The Islamic State terror group has come out publicly to reject Pope Francis' claims that the war being waged by Islamic terrorists is not religious in nature, assuring the pontiff that their sole motivation is religious and sanctioned by Allah in the Qur'an. 

Boko Haram's new leader vows to "kill every Christian," "blow up every Church"  The new leader of Boko Haram, just appointed by the Islamic State, has vowed to end his attacks on fellow Muslims regarded by the group as infidels, and instead focus on Christians. 

The Legal Case to Return the Temple Mount to the King David's Descendants  In another manifestation of Biblical precepts interacting with modern life, a private foundation representing the descendants of King David recently launched a lawsuit presenting a legal claim to ownership of the Temple Mount. 

World Vision's Christian Donations Funded Hamas  World Vision International is perhaps the world's largest Evangelical Christian humanitarian aid organization. 

Israeli Start-Up Hacks ISIS Chats and Finds Newest Target Kill Lists  An emerging Israeli startup firm in the cyber-security sector managed to infiltrate an encrypted Islamic State group and to retrieve the terror organization's latest list of international attack targets. 

Record number of refugees pour into Europe  Frustration grows among EU-member states over handling of immigration and refugee crisis. 

Islamic State has 'fully operational branches' in 18 countries  According to a leaked document, the Islamic State has 'fully operational branches' in 18 countries, representing a tripling in the expansion of areas the jihadi group is now operating in around the world. 

7000 Turkish Forces With Heavy Equipment Surround Home of US Nukes In Turkey's Incirlik  The massive presence of pro-Erdogan armed police supported by heavy vehicles enforced a lock down at the Incirlik base means that no one from inside the base is allowed entry and no one allowed exit.