Saturday, August 03, 2019


Pro-Third Temple Politician: Prepare for War Responding to reports of an upcoming Israeli-Arab Peace summit hosted by the Trump administration, former MK Moshe Feiglin said that the result of this initiative will be a “war.

EXCLUSIVE: Palestinians Are Greater Threat to Jewish State Than Iran, Expert Says The Palestinians pose a “greater existential threat to the Jewish state of Israel than Iran and Syria,” the director of a Philadelphia-based think tank told Breitbart in a wide-ranging interview on the heels of a new poll that shows the overwhelming majority of Israelis (78%) do not see an end to the conflict in sight.

How Israel and Iran Would Unleash War upon Each Other Israel has bought 19 F-35s, which are scheduled to begin arriving in 2017.

Syria says Israel struck Quneitra, near border with Golan Heights Unclear whether strike on al-Bariqa was by air or a surface-to-surface missile.

Turkey's Erdogan: Whoever is on Israel's side, we are against them Erdogan made the comments as he addressed senior provincial officials from the ruling AKP party in Ankara.

Report: Israel launched two attacks on Iranian targets in Irag in July According to Al-Sharq Al-Awsat, Israel attacked a base in Ashraf, Iraq northeast of Baghdad on Sunday, targeting Iranian advisers and a shipment of ballistic missiles from Iran.

IDF: Next Gaza war will be short but deal "Massive Blow" to Hamas The military completes largest drill since Operation Protective Edge.

The coming of persecution for Christian Americans The Washington Examiner reported that Pastor Andrew Brunson said he was “astounded at the speed with which the U.S. is imploding” and that he predicts persecution of Christians will follow.

Turkey and NATA -The End? Turkey has been a valued member of NATO for 67 years because of its geostrategic position between Europe and Asia, it being part of the Middle East and the Muslim world and its proven military might.

Rivers of Dust: Water and the Middle East It is written that “Enannatum, ruler of Lagash,” slew “60 soldiers” from Umma.