Saturday, October 06, 2007


* 'Syria won't hesitate to a start war with Israel to regain Golan' Syria will not hesitate to start a war with Israel in order to restore its control over the Golan Heights.

* Musharraf wins presidential vote Gen Pervez Musharraf has easily won a vote to be re-elected Pakistan's president, even though it is unclear if his candidacy was legal.

* 'Israel wants to drag the ME into war' Israel wants to take control of the Middle East and drag the region into war.

* Iraq Shia leaders sign truce deal Two of Iraq's most influential Shia leaders have signed a deal to try to end violence between their groups.

* Qureia: PA may not attend ME parley Head of the Palestinian negotiating team, Ahmed Qureia, said Saturday that if a joint Israeli-Palestinian statement is not drafted before the upcoming Middle East peace conference, the Palestinian Authority may not participate in it.

* Abbas: J'lem key to peace The Israeli and Palestinian teams asked to draft a joint statement ahead of a Mideast peace conference will hold their first meeting Monday.

* 'Iran won't negotiate over nuke rights' Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad vowed Friday that Iran will not negotiate over its "nuclear rights".

* Egypt uncovers smuggling tunnel leading to Gaza Strip Egyptian authorities discovered a freshly dug tunnel leading under the border to the Gaza Strip and arrested an Egyptian man inside it.

* Bush 'optimistic' about Mideast peace In a rare interview with an Arabic satellite news station, US President George W. Bush addressed the Arab world Friday to bolster America's image.

* Ahmadinejad wants 'all Palestine liberated' President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad vowed Friday that Iran would work until "all of Palestine is liberated" from Israel's hands, and repeated his deeply-controversial questioning of the Holocaust.