Saturday, May 19, 2018


Why is everyone talking about the US embassy moving to Jerusalem? The US government has embassies all over the world, where people who represent America in foreign countries work.

North Korea summit: Trump says deal with US will save Kim Jong-un President Donald Trump has said the US is not pursuing the "Libya model" for the denuclearisation of North Korea.

Exclusive: A ground force caused big explosion at Hama air base with 8 missiles Fuel, arms and ammunition depots at a Syrian air base near Hama were blown up Friday, May 18, causing massive explosions at one of Iran’s most important bases in Syria.

The War Of Words Turns To Action In The Golan Heights The security situation in the north heats up.

Tens of thousands from West Bank attend Ramadan prayers in Jerusalem 1,500 police deployed in capital, but no limits on access to Temple Mount; officials brace for protests in West Bank and East Jerusalem as well as Gaza

Michele Bachmann Apologizes For Calling On Jews To Convert To Christianity Bachmann made the comments during a radio interview in Israel while on a tour organized by the Family Research Council, a conservative Christian group.

Erdogan Calls for Emergency Pan-Islamic Meeting Against Israel and US ‘Terror States’ Tensions between Israel and Turkey are flaring as for the second time in less than six months, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called for a pan-Islamic meeting to discuss a coalition against Israel.

Shia cleric Moqtada Sadr's bloc wins Iraq elections An alliance headed by a former Shia militia chief who led two uprisings against the US-led invasion of Iraq has won the parliamentary elections.

Iran: EU promises to salvage nuclear deal despite Trump move EU Commissioner for Energy and Climate visits Tehran to reassure Islamic Republic that Europe is committed to nuclear deal; but Iran's nuclear chief says Tehran has several options if efforts fail, including resuming 20% uranium enrichment.

What is Ramadan? This week, the Islamic holy month of Ramadan begins.