Monday, March 09, 2020


Netanyahu: Coronavirus situation in Israel 'under control' Netanyhau praises 'calm and responsible' actions taken by gov't so far, pledges millions in aid to businesses.

Netanyahu to European leaders: Global effort needed to combat coronavirus "This must be a worldwide effort," Netanyahu said. "This isn't a matter of who does it first, but of how we can all reach it first."

Corona virus "is one of Almighty Allah's soldiers... He is unleashing it on those who attack His believers," says preacher on official PA TV Before Corona broke out in the PA, a preacher on official Palestinian Authority TV taught that the virus is "one of Almighty Allah's soldiers" and that Allah is punishing the sinners - "those who attack His believers".

FDA warns televangelist Jim Bakker and six others to stop selling fraudulent coronavirus products The FDA has issued warning letters to seven companies for reportedly selling fraudulent coronavirus treatment products.

More Gridlock in Israel Israelis went to the polls on Monday, the third general election in less than a year, and the emerging results have produced more gridlock.

Israel advances plans for West Bank 'sovereignty road' to bypass E1 area "We're applying sovereignty in deeds, not words," Defense Minister Naftali Bennett said on Monday, as he made a subtle dig at Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Dow plummets more than 1,200 points, S&P 500 sinks 5% amid oil price war Stocks cratered Monday as investors grappled with sinking price of oil and the spread of the coronavirus.

Palestinians Revive Blood Libels as Israel Saves Their Lives Earlier, the Israeli authorities announced that they had facilitated 105,495 humanitarian crossings for Palestinians to receive medical treatment in Israel during the last week of February.

Russia, Turkey Agree on Idlib Ceasefire The deal details a security corridor and joint patrols will be established in the coming days.

Disney Film 'Onward' Banned in Middle East Markets over Reference to a Lesbian Relationship Disney's new animated film Onward has been banned in several Middle Eastern countries due to the film's reference to a lesbian relationship.