Monday, November 16, 2020


 Emirati Airline AD Features Holy Temple in Jerusalem An Emirati airline announced regular flights to Israel with a video featuring several iconic images associated with Israel including… the Second Temple.

Palestinian, Islamic organizations played crucial role in Biden victory, US polls show Polls confirm that 70% of Arab and Muslim voters, including 80,000 Americans of Arab descent in Michigan, supported Biden.

The US Election: Preliminary Lessons for US Allies It appears likely that Joe Biden will take office as president of the United States in January, and American allies will need to assess the implications.

Caroline Glick: The approaching storm in US-Israel relations Talk of Biden’s joviality and personal warmth, and of moderates versus radicals, are soothing distractions for Israelis about to face the most hostile U.S. administration in history.

Emirates, Etihad tap Israel for growth as new business ties deepen Abu Dhabi’s Etihad Airways is launching flights to Israel, marking a significant step forward in the UAE-Israel relationship.

Iran’s Army May be Huge, but the IRGC is Tehran’s Real Power Broker Much like China’s army in the 1980s, the Iranian Army and other ground forces are large but poorly armed.

Saudis Alarmed At Prospect of Biden Rejoining the Iran Deal Israel and Saudi Arabia are the two countries most threatened by Iran, and both have been well-pleased with President Trump’s withdrawal in 2018 from the nuclear deal with Iran and the imposition of crippling sanctions on the Islamic Republic, that have helped to bring that country economically to its knees.

Who Wins in a Missile Attack Showdown: Israel or Iran? What exactly is the current state of the IDF’s missile defenses, and will they be able to repel the next large-scale missile strike from Iran or one of its regional proxies?

African influence at stake in diplomatic row between Paris and Ankara The war of words between France and Turkey over cartoons portraying Islam's Prophet Muhammad is the latest ugly spat between the two Nato members. But underlying the simmering diplomatic tensions is an increasingly bitter rivalry for influence in Africa.

Where is the EU aid to the Palestinian Authority going? In May 2020, Palestinian Authority Chairman, Mahmoud Abbas, declared that the PA and the PLO no longer see themselves bound by the agreements signed with Israel.