Thursday, March 13, 2014


Gulf states see Obama's tepid response to Ukraine crisis as sign of weakness The Gulf Cooperation Council has seen the U.S. handling of Russia's invasion of Ukraine as evidence of President Barack Obama's weakness.

With Gaza flaring up, the trail leads to Iran Let's start with the good news: As of Thursday morning, it appears as if the parties involved in the fighting along the Israel-Gaza border, Hamas and Islamic Jihad, have calmed down.

Ukraine crisis: Russia begins new military exercises Russia has begun military exercises, involving more than 8,000 troops, close to the border with Ukraine.

Growing Calls for Israel to Retake Gaza n the wake of the latest round of rocket attacks from Gaza, at least two top government ministers - Intelligence and Strategy Minister Yuval Steinitz and Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman - are calling on Israel to retake Gaza.

Islamic Jihad unveils underground rocket launcher used to target Israel Palestinian terror group displays apparatus it says was used to fire projectiles at Israel.

Islamic Jihad: Attack Us and We'll Up the Ante The Islamic Jihad terrorist group is threatening to up the ante and fire long-range rockets at Israel if the IDF strikes in Gaza.

Turkey: Death of Young Protester Fans Rage Tens of thousands of people gathered Wednesday around the Alevi mosque in Istanbul's Okmeydani neighborhood, for the funeral of a Turkish boy.

Iran Says Russia Will Build 2 More Nuclear Plants in Bushehr Russia has signed a preliminary agreement to build at least two more nuclear power plants in the Iranian port city of Bushehr.

Uncovered in Jerusalem, 9 tiny unopened Dead Sea Scrolls They're not much larger than lentils, but size doesn't minimize the potential significance of nine newfound Dead Sea Scrolls that have lain unopened for the better part of six decade.