Monday, June 22, 2020


Is China Preparing An EMP Pearl Harbor Style Attack on America? The coronavirus pandemic has exposed dangerous weaknesses in U.S. planning and preparation for civil defense protection and recovery, and those weaknesses surely have been noticed by our potential enemies: China, Russia, North Korea, Iran and international terrorists.

Kochavi: Iran is the most dangerous country in the Middle East Despite the distance, Tehran's role in funding terror groups along Israel's borders makes it Israel's top threat.

Pope calls for “establishment of pathways” for hundreds of thousands of Muslim migrants to settle in Europe Muslim migrants should be seeking ways to settle in Islamic countries, not Europe.

The Key to Stability in Syria: Renewing Relations with Kurds The Assad regime's presence has led to chaos in Syria. Assad not only brought civil war but allowed Iran to use Syrian territory to bolster its influence.

China’s Global Aggression could Trigger War of Gog and Magog Rabbi Explains While much of the media is focused on the riots in the US and Europe, China has been quietly advancing its world domination agenda.

Tel Aviv to recognize same-sex and interfaith couples City of Tel Aviv moves to recognize marriages not recognized by the State of Israel, including same-sex marriages and interfaith marriages.

Will the EU Ever Stop Appeasing Iran's Mullahs? Germany, Britain and France also appear to have turned a blind eye to a recent statement made by the IAEA Director General Rafael Mariano Grossi, who raised serious concerns about possible clandestine and undeclared nuclear sites in Iran.

The Silk Road - A Superhighway of Ideas and Trade For 2,000 years, the Silk Road has been a conduit for economic, cultural, political and religious interactions between East and West.

Orban Shocked by Disorder in Multicultural West: ‘Statues are Being Toppled, Gang Wars Fought In Streets’ Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán says he does not know if he should “laugh or cry” when his national conservative government is attacked by liberals from multicultural countries where “statues are being toppled” and there are “gang wars” in the streets.

Turkey: Erdoğan Wishes "Many More Happy Conquests" In Turkish jargon, the difference is simple: It is "conquest" when we do it and "invasion" when others do it.