Wednesday, August 29, 2018


No Matter Who Wins the Syrian Civil War, Israel Loses Netanyahu's persistent diplomacy with Putin failed to contain more troubling developments across the border that threaten his country's long-term stability.

Russia sent a massive naval armada to Syria - and looks to be readying to fight the US Russia has positioned a considerable naval armada in the Mediterranean near Syria after accusing the US of plotting a false-flag chemical-weapons attack there.

With Rouhani embattled, where is Iran going? A majority of experts are worried that Iran will go for confrontation over compromise and that the regime is too well organized to be toppled.

Netanyahu ignores Putin's alignment with Tehran against a US-Israeli anti-Iran offensive Iran in Syria Jerusalem finally responded on Tuesday, Aug. 28, to the signing of a new Iranian-Syrian military pact two days earlier in Damascus by the visiting Iranian Defense Minsiter Amir Hatami and Bashar Assad.

Senior political source: 'We'll continue action to remove Iran from border' Source responds to reports of military cooperation agreement between Syria and Iran. 'PM will continue exerting pressure on Iranian regime.'

The Israel-Hamas Deal: Escape from Oslo Extricating itself from President Clinton's December 2000 "peace" parameters is a supreme Israeli interest. Ironically, this goal is being made feasible by the crystallizing deal with Hamas over the Gaza Strip.

U.K. and EU Drop October Deadline for Brexit Deal The U.K. and the European Union still say in public they want a Brexit deal wrapped up in the next seven weeks. Behind the scenes, though, senior officials on both sides admit this is unlikely.

Turkey to prioritize EU reforms, expects to see results: foreign minister Turkey will prioritize reforms linked to its European Union accession process in the coming period and expects to see results from its efforts, including on the issue of visa liberalization, its foreign minister said.

Right hails outpost legalization ruling, leftist MKs blast it Ministers say decision to green-light Mitzpe Kramim settlement a 'victory for common sense' while opposition lawmakers, PA say it is a 'dangerous precedent'.

IDF's New Missile Corps: "Revolutionizing Modern Warfare" Israel has announced that within a few years it will have a remote firing missile system that could precisely hit targets anywhere in the entire region.