Wednesday, January 02, 2019


Bible Professor Claims Evolution Does Not Contradict Genesis... Or Does He? A new book written by a scholar of Judaism specifically for evangelicals, claims to bridge the gap separating science and religion, in particular regarding the contradiction between evolution and Genesis.

Iran's Zarif Mockingly Calls on Israel, U.S. to Withdraw From Planet Earth Jerusalem and Washington formally left UNESCO on January 1st over its anti-Israel bias.

Breakingviews - EU rebels will lay siege to Brussels European Union rebels will lay siege to Brussels in 2019.

The European Union: An Authoritarian Body with a Humanitarian Face What the Lisbon Treaty actually created was an authoritarian political system that infringes on human and political rights.

Trump phases Arab forces into Syria vs Iran ahead of US pullout. Egyptian/UAE officers on the scene When Sen. Lindsay Graham said Monday, Dec. 31: "I think we are slowing things [exit from Syria] down in a smart way," he confirmed DEBKAfile's Dec. 22 report: "US troops will leave eastern and northern Syria, but America is not deserting this part of the country and will continue to maintain a presence after the pullout."

Trump asks Netanyahu to make his peace plan the focal election campaign issue President Donald Trump is asking Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to build his campaign around the "Deal of the Century" for an Israeli-Palestinian peace, DEBKAfile reports exclusively.

Can Russia Successfully Mediate Israeli-Palestinian Peace? Russia appears to be moving in on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as part of its expanding presence in the Middle East.

Turkey's War on Christian Missionaries American Pastor Andrew Brunson and American-Canadian evangelist David Byle are among many Christian clerics who have fallen victim to Turkey's aversion to Christianity.

Palestinians' New Year's Resolutions "The Palestinian revolution has been continuing for 54 years. The revolution will continue until the aspirations of our people are fulfilled.... We have clearly stated that all forms of resistance are legitimate." - Mahmoud Aloul, deputy chairman of Fatah; seen by many as the successor to Mahmoud Abbas.

Unto The Nations: A Rabbi's and Pastor's Joint New Year's Resolution We feel that Jews and Christians should focus together on nourishing our souls by making a commitment to read from the book we both have cherished for ages.