Friday, April 01, 2011


* Earthquake felt in Israel An earthquake was felt in Israel around 4:33 pm Friday.

* Hizbullah Fortifying South Lebanon According the the Israel Defense Forces, Hizbullah has built bunkers and underground weapons depots in most southern Lebanese villages. Prophetic Prospective

* Saudi strategist to Gulf states: Time to go nuclear A leading Saudi official has called on the six Gulf Cooperation Council states to cooperate in the acquisition of nuclear energy. Prophetic Prospective

* Hizbullah Building Army, Contrary to UN Resolution In direct violation of the UN-mandated ceasefire resolution ending the Second Lebanon War, Hizbullah is building an army in southern Lebanon. Prophetic Prospective

* Farrakhan defends Libya's Gadhafi as 'brother' Warning that destruction could be on America's doorstep because it oppresses “God's chosen people,” Minister Louis Farrakhan, the controversial Nation of Islam leader, defended Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi today.

* Iran-backed Shi'ites, having shown their power, said plotting next move in Bahrain Despite a recent lull in activity, Western diplomatic sources said the Bahraini crackdown on the Shi'ite opposition has not ended the threat to the Gulf Sunni kingdom. Prophetic Prospective

* Love song for Palestine As events unfold in Arab world, West Bank youth yearns for its own revolution.

* Zoo managers from around the world go biblical in Jerusalem Over one hundred managers of leading zoos from around Europe met in Jerusalem's Biblical Zoo Friday.

* Netanyahu to UN Chief: Upcoming Gaza flotilla must be stopped Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon Friday to stop the impending flotilla. Prophetic Prospective

* Protests spread across Syria; 3 reported killed in Damascus Syrian security forces killed at least three protesters in a Damascus suburb on Friday. Prophetic Prospective