Thursday, April 29, 2021


 How Iran’s Militia Proxies Could Threaten Israel From These Four Countries If tensions between the State of Israel and the Islamic Republic of Iran deteriorate into an all-out war, the former could face Iran-backed militia proxy attacks from up to four regional countries.

Iran still seeks mass destruction weapons - German intelligence report 'Additional focus of Iran’s intelligence is the observation of and fight against opposition groups domestically and abroad.'

“We are Allah’s hand,”‎ declares Fatah amid riots Arabs attacking Jews in Jerusalem are “Allah’s hand.” This message was Abbas’ ‎Fatah Movement’s response following days of violent Arab riots in Jerusalem, ‎which Fatah seems intent on turning into a religious war.

Israel braces for fallout as Abbas expected to delay Palestinian elections Hamas, which stands to make gains in the vote, warns it will hold Israel responsible if ballot is postponed over dispute on East Jerusalem voting; Israel says it’s not intervening.

Abbas "Salutes" Arab Rioters in Jerusalem; Faith Promotes "Intifada" Against Jews PA and Fatah Chairman Mahmoud Abbas is actively encouraging the Arabs rioting in Jerusalem.

Biden Fails to Mention Israel or Middle East Peace in First Address to Congress President Joe Biden neglected to mention Israel or the recent peace and normalization agreements in the Middle East in his first address to a joint session of Congress on Wednesday evening.

If Italy Fails, Then Europe Fails Too Mario Draghi needs to channel Italy's postwar reconstruction as he implements a massive spending plan and tries to reform his country.

France: Macron threatens to ‘punish’ generals who signed open letter warning of ‘radical Islam’ stoking ‘civil war’ "The hour is grave, France is in peril,” the retired generals wrote, adding that failure to act against the “suburban hordes” — a reference to residents of the mainly immigrant areas that ring French cities — and other unnamed groups who “scorn our country” will lead to “civil war” and deaths “in the thousands”.

Analysis: Vexed but vulnerable, Erdogan avoids escalating genocide dispute with Biden Despite its fury with the United States for calling the Ottoman massacre of Armenians a genocide, Turkey is for now avoiding a showdown which could hurt its fragile economy and scupper hopes of better ties with U.S.-allied Arab states.

WATCH: Christian Pastor Arrested in London for Quoting ‘Homophobic’ Bible Verses Police in London arrested a Christian street preacher for allegedly causing “alarm and distress” to pedestrians for citing allegedly “homophobic” verses from Genesis.