Saturday, September 28, 2019


Senior IDF General: “We are Starting to Approach the Level of War” with Iran Iran could fire missiles at Israel like the ones it sent flying at Saudi Arabia last week, IDF Military Intelligence’s Research Division head Brig. Gen. Dror Shalom told Israel Hayom in a special Rosh Hashanah interview.

Iran sets up Islamic Jihad cells in Judea and Samaria for rocket attacks on Israel Palestinian Authority intelligence authorities have uncovered an Iranian attempt to plant rocket-armed Islamic Jihad cells on the West Bank for attacking Israel’s population centers.

Iran's President Rouhani says Israel is supporting ISIS and 'takes care of their injured fighters and makes weapons available to them' Iranian leader Hassan Rouhani has claimed that Israel is supporting ISIS and 'takes care of their injured fighters'.

Iran Threatens to Turn Israel into ‘dust in half a day’ Iran is no longer limited by its geographic borders, and has the ability to destroy Israel in “half a day,” said Iranian Ayatollah Ahmad Alamolhoda on Friday.

New Study: Spiritual People Have Stronger Reaction When Hearing Shofar Blast This is the time of the shofar – the ram’s horn – that is blown by Jews at synagogue services.

State Media in Iran, Russia indicate growing Russia-Iran-Turkey alliance It’s in media coverage in these countries, particularly the narratives of Press TV, RT and Sputnik that we can see the alliance emerge.

No peace in the Middle East until U.S. troops leave, Iran's President tells UN General Assembly Regional stability in the Middle East cannot be achieved while U.S. troops are still deployed there, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani warned on Wednesday at the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

Russia's Eastern Mediterranean strategy explained - analysis For its decisive military support to Assad, Russia has been rewarded with military facilities in Syria that are crucial for logistics and from which it can project power into the Middle East.

The IDF mulls pre-emptive strike to ward off planned Iranian attacks on the UAE and Israel “Israel’s proven capacity to simultaneously perform multiple missions is about to be challenged as never before,’ said Binyamin Netanyahu on Thursday, Sept. 26, during a New Year’s toast at the IDF General Staff forum.

PM and DM Netanyahu attends New Year toast with the IDF General Staff Forum PM Netanyahu: The proven ability of our military, of this forum, to carry out many missions simultaneously, this ability is going to be challenged as it has never been.