Saturday, January 07, 2012


* U.S. and Israel Preparing for 'Biggest Defense Drill Ever' The Israeli military is gearing up together with U.S. forces for a major missile defense exercise.

* Hamas Chief: 'Palestine a Religious Commitment' Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh said support for "Palestine" should be a "religious and nationalist commitment" for Arabs as he arrived in Tunis Thursday.

* West readies oil plan in case of Iran crisis Western countries discuss tapping up to 14 million bdp of oil from emergency stockpiles if Iran closes the Strait of Hormuz.

* Ahmadinejad to seek help in Latin America as sanctions bite Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will seek support from Latin America's leftist leaders on a tour starting on Sunday.

* 'Islamist success in Egypt puts Israel in peril' The success of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egyptian parliamentary elections and the Islamist party's pending inclusion in the government is a victory for the Palestinians.

* Hamas Official: Jordan's King Abdullah Will End Like Mubarak A Hamas official slammed Jordan’s King Abdullah on Thursday and said his fate will be similar to that of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

* Will Holland Finally Apologize for Passivity in the Holocaust? Many people think that the help that Anne Frank's family received from workers and friends typified the Dutch during the Holocaust. The facts are apallingly different.

* Thousands gather in Damascus for funerals of Syria bombing victims Thousands of Syrian mourners on Saturday attended the funerals of the 26 people who were killed in a suicide bombing.

* Kenyan troops 'kill 60 al-Shabab fighters' in Somalia The Kenyan army says it has killed 60 Somali al-Shabab militia fighters in air strikes.

* Ayalon: Israel Will Hit Back on Cyber Attacks Hackers who attempt to attack Israel in cyberspace will be met with a "forceful response," warned Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon.