Tuesday, June 15, 2021


 IDF prepares for fresh Gaza conflict amid tensions over Jerusalem flag march Tuesday’s parade by ultranationalist Jews through Old City will be first major test for new government amid Palestinian threats of violence; US embassy issues travel warning.

Egypt urging Hamas not to attack Israel during Jerusalem Flag March 'Bennett will respond with force.' Sources claim Egypt is pressing Hamas not to escalate tensions with Israel during Flag March.

New Israel government vows change, but not for Palestinians Israel’s fragile new government has shown little interest in addressing the decades-old conflict with the Palestinians, but it may not have a choice.

Netanyahu: A shrewd leader who reshaped Israel He had been called "the King of Israel" and "the great survivor": for a generation, Benjamin Netanyahu, or "Bibi," as he is popularly known, dominated Israeli politics.

New Prime Minister Bennett Calls on Israel: Don't Make Same Mistakes That Destroyed Temple Israel’s newly sworn-in prime minister Naftali Bennett gave his opening address in the Knesset on Sunday to a plenum of hecklers from the opposition interrupting his speech every step of the way.

Google Labels West Jerusalem 'Capital of Palestine' A search on Google Maps on Sunday for “the capital of Palestine” turned up a location in the middle of Paris Square in downtown Jerusalem at 62 King George Street.

Biden-Erdoğan Meeting: Can Turkey’s Post-NATO Role In Afghanistan Help Reset Turkish-U.S. Ties? Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has signalled that it was the United States that asked Turkey to stay in Afghanistan to guard and run Kabul's airport after the U.S.-led NATO forces departed.

Shas spiritual leader: Boycott Israel's government Rabbi Shalom Cohen calls on MKs, Shas officials and heads of institutions to refrain from any contact with the new ‘wicked government,’ says God will provide.

One Bank: Environmental Social Governance Score (ESG) Could Trigger Hyperinflation Zero Hedge: In a recent blog post from DB’s Francis Yared, the credit strategist looks at one of the lesser discussed drivers of inflation and points out that supply shocks to oil prices have historically been relevant for inflation expectations.

Beijing tells Nato to stop hyping up China threat China has accused Nato of slandering its peaceful development after alliance leaders warned about "systemic challenges" coming from Beijing.