Friday, January 01, 2016


Welcoming in the new year amid terror fears  In Paris, Moscow, Jakarta, Madrid, New York, Sydney and elsewhere, events were canceled or reduced, terror suspects arrested as a jittery world inaugurated 2016. 

Israel welcomes 2016 with 8,462,000 citizens  176,000 babies were born in Israel in 2015, while 28,000 people made aliyah, mostly from France, Ukraine and Russia. 

2015: The Year of Anti-Christian Jihad, "Christians Are Allah's Enemies!"  The year 2015 will go down in memory as a period of unprecedented Christian persecution throughout the world, resulting in thousands of deaths along with continuous targeted acts of violence and terror. 

Gazans outraged over New Year's Eve ban  Gaza residents and politicians take to social media to blast Hamas's hypocrisy in banning New Year's Eve parties. 

Erdogan cites Hitler's Germany as example of effective presidential system  Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has reiterated his desire to ensure Turkey adopts a presidential system of government and has even cited Adolf Hitler's Germany as an example of how this can be achieved. 

The Israelis have spoken - Putin is their person of the year for 2015  The poll of 527 respondents representing a statistical sample of the Jewish adult population, was taken Tuesday and has an error margin of ±4.3 percent. 

Dubai seeks cause of massive hotel fire at New Year  The authorities in Dubai are trying to find out what caused a spectacular fire to engulf a 63-storey luxury hotel in the city centre on New Year's Eve. 

Mein Kampf back in publication, but not in Israel  Israeli publishers say even with copyright expiration, Hitler's anti-Semitic screed will not be published in the Jewish state. 

2015 sees 3% drop in tourist arrivals in Israel  Some 3.1 million tourists visited the Holy Land in the past year, 20% of them from America and 14% from Russia; one-day visits increased by 32%, mainly due to business people's fear of staying in Israel for longer period of time. 

Inside the Ring: China Preps for Space Warfare  Following recent tests of anti-satellite missiles and near-space hypersonic vehicles, China's military will soon create a new Space Force within the People's Liberation Army, a sign Beijing is preparing for future space warfare.