Wednesday, June 16, 2021


 Poll: Palestinian support for Hamas spikes following Israel-Gaza conflict Majority of Palestinians believe Gaza-based terrorist group came out winner in latest battle with Israel.

PA, PLO, and Fatah inciting and promoting violence against Israeli flag march in Jerusalem Fatah before flag march, urges martyrdom-death for Jerusalem: “We will come out as one line to defend our eternal capital [Jerusalem], and we will not allow our holy city to be harmed".

Odeh: 'Jerusalem will be capital of reconquered Palestine' Ra'am leader Mansour Abbas whose faction comprises part of gov't called Flag Parade "unrestrained provocation".

Palestinian Official Says Naftali Bennett 'More Radical' Than Benjamin Netanyahu A Palestinian official said that new Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett might be "more radical" than former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Associated Press reported.

Israeli nationalists march through Jerusalem's Old City Hundreds of Israeli nationalists have taken part in a flag march through occupied East Jerusalem which Palestinians saw as a provocation.

Evangelical youth losing love for Israel by 35%, study shows Some 44.7% support the establishment of a Palestinian state today versus only 35% three years ago.

Four reasons why Iran’s election matters to Europe The result may affect a range of issues from the future of the 2015 nuclear agreement to the fate of dual-national prisoners held in Iran.

Russia-US summit begins in Geneva as Putin & Biden sit down to start talks; agenda includes Ukraine, hacking, climate & Syria Discussions between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his American counterpart, Joe Biden, have begun in the Swiss city of Geneva, where the two are meeting for the first time since the US leader’s inauguration in January.

EU must be 'more robust and resilient' against Russian attempts to undermine it, says Borrell The European Union must become "more robust and resilient" against Russia's attempts to undermine it and respond to threats in a more systematic and unified manner, the Commission said on Wednesday.

Imagining a World Without US Primacy The shrinking of the American presence in Eurasia will accelerate the creation of new spheres of influence.