Saturday, May 02, 2015


Muslim cleric: Jews 'malignant tumor' that 'can only be treated by eradication' This is not what the world considers hate speech. What the world considers hate speech is opposing this.

Israel's aid team to Nepal larger than any other country's Field hospital begins work; nearly 2,000 Israelis evacuated since Saturday; just one Israeli remains unaccounted for.

Israel's military edge at risk as Obama 'scrambles' to placate Arab fears on Iran deal. NY Times says US could sell F-35s to UAE three years after Israel gets them, may offer Gulf allies defense pacts, joint training, upgraded status.

'If Iranians Decide to Be Stupid, We'll Respond' US Navy begins to accompany US ships in Hormuz Straits, following Iran's seizure of a Marshall Islands-flagged ship this week.

Russia Conducts Nuclear Bomber Flight Near Alaska Two Russian nuclear-capable bombers intruded into the U.S. air defense zone near Alaska last week in the latest saber rattling by Moscow, defense officials said.

Persecution of Christians in China at record high Scholars estimate that by the year 2030, Christians in China will exceed the number of Christians in the United States, thus making China the largest Christian nation in the world.

Report: ISIS leader sidelined by spinal injury, possibly spurring appointment of new caliph The jihadist organization, in control of vast swathes of Iraq as well as Syria, is now under the leadership of Abu Alaa al-Afri, a former physics teacher and al-Qaida veteran.

Germans cannot turn backs on Nazi past, Merkel says "There's no drawing a line under the history," Merkel said, dismissing a yearning that many post-war generations of Germans harbor.

Jihadists at the border: Operatives loyal to ISIS seen near the Golan Heights Israel is tracking the events beyond the border, but IDF refuses to respond to foreign reports it has reinforced its presence in the area.

Islamic State demands $23 million for Christian hostages They're acting in full accord with Islamic law. Here is a salient passage on this issue from a Shafi'i manual of Islamic law: