Tuesday, July 19, 2011


* Ayalon launches campaign to tell 'truth about W. Bank' Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon stars in a video released by his ministry on Thursday, in which he presents a historical narrative meant to help wage the public diplomacy battle.

* Abbas Going for Broke in Bid to UN against 'Gutless Obama' Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas is "going for broke" in his bid for United Nations recognition of the PA.

* Navy Boards Gaza-Bound 'Tricky' Ship The Navy has peacefully ended the latest attempt of flotilla activists to reach Gaza.

* Hamas: Seizure of Gaza-bound ship is 'piracy, war crime' Hamas on Tuesday condemned the Israeli seizure of the Gaza-bound French ship Dignity - Al-Karama.

* UK snubs Ashton over EU military headquarters British foreign minister William Hague on Monday (18 July) said his country would "never" agree to the idea of a single EU military headquarters.

* Beck moving J'lem rally over fears of 40,000 Muslims Beck said that warnings from security officials led him to fear that the event could turn violent and possibly result in the outbreak of "World War III."

* Israel to Help Russian 'Silicon Valley' While the original Silicon Valley is in California, Israel's world-renowned achievements in hi-tech created a local Silicon Valley.

* SkyNews: 'Palestine' is 'Awash with Money' The foreign affairs editor for Sky News has written a blog piece called "Palestine – 'Occupation Incorporated'," which paints a rosy picture of the region supposedly suffering under a cruel Israel occupation and siege.

* Iran says installing 'speedier' nuclear centrifuges Iran announced Tuesday it is installing new centrifuges with "better quality and speed" to enrich uranium in its nuclear facilities.

* German 'role model' prize withdrawn from Putin Organisers of a German award for "role models for enlightenment, dedication and public good" on Saturday (16 July) decided to revoke the prize from Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.