Friday, July 12, 2019


IDF Prepares For Hostilities in Face of Hamas Threats While Netanyahu “Prefers Calm’ The IDF is gearing up for heavier-than-usual riots on the southern border as Hamas threatens a violent response to the mistaken killing of a Hamas field commander who was trying to prevent Gazan rioters from breaching the security fence.

Iran Says Macron Can Play Key Role in Reducing Tensions Iran’s ambassador to Paris has highlighted the leading role that President of France Emmanuel Macron can play in relieving the current political tensions in the region.

Netanyahu: The days of uprooting Jews from their land are over The prime minister said no more “nonsense” about uprooting settlements.

Secret Iranian Nuclear Weapons Facility Still Up and Running Report: 'Everything required to enrich uranium to weapons grade could be quickly reconstituted'

TV: IAEA finds traces of radioactive material at Iran site flagged by Netanyahu 10 months after PM identified ‘secret atomic warehouse’ in Tehran, UN inspectors reportedly conclude that it was indeed used as a nuclear storage facility.

The US and Hezbollah Hezbollah is a global threat. Reports about its drug trafficking and terrorist threats in Europe show that it is not just Israel’s problem, or Lebanon’s problem, but a problem for everyone.

Europe Is In Crisis And Its Leaders Are In Denial Europe is in a bad shape. Economically, its growth in the north has stalled and high unemployment and low productivity continue to hamper the economies of the south.

Turkey defies US as Russian S-400 missile defence arrives Turkey has received the first parts of a Russian S-400 missile defense system despite opposition from the US.

Report: ‘Assad Hits Wall’ in Syria as Turkey-Backed Rebels, Jihadis Join Forces Forces loyal to Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad are struggling to seize the last remaining rebel stronghold in northwestern Syria held by Turkey-backed opposition fighters and al-Qaeda-linked jihadis who have joined forces against the regime, Reuters reported Wednesday.

EU foiled in effort to prevent members from opening embassies in Jerusalem Hungary and the Czech Republic vetoed the E.U. proposal seeking to block the transfer of diplomatic missions to Israel’s capital.