Saturday, May 26, 2012


* 'Iran has enough uranium for 5 bombs' Institute for Science and International Security, a US think tank, says that if the Islamic Republic keeps enriching uranium, it will have enough for five bombs.

* Syria crisis: Houla 'massacre leaves 90 dead' At least 90 people, including many children, have been killed in Syria's restive Homs province, opposition activists say, calling it a "massacre".

* Russian arms shipment en route to Syria: report A Russian cargo ship loaded with weapons is en route to Syria and due to arrive at a Syrian port this weekend

* Mursi and Shafiq go to Egypt poll run-off - media Egyptians will choose between the Muslim Brotherhood and a candidate from the Mubarak-era regime when the presidential election goes to a run-off on 16-17 June, state media confirm.

* Iran talks end in harsh lesson for west Over the past few weeks, there has been growing optimism in western capitals that Iran might be forced into a compromise over its nuclear programme and avoid a war with Israel and the US.

* Chag Sameach: The Torah's Holiday Starts Saturday Night he Jewish holiday of Shavuot is set to begin Saturday night adjoining the Sabbath - lasting for its one Biblical day (from sunset to the next sunset) in Israel, and two days in the rest of the world.

* Iraqi president calls for dialogue to solve crisis Iraq's president on Saturday urged the nation's bickering factions to resolve the bitter political dispute that has gripped the government for nearly six months, warning that the crisis threatens to split the country.

* Reporter's Notebook: Studying Bible with Bibi There is something both heartening and humorous about Netanyahu setting aside precious time to contemplate Ruth on Shavuot.

* IDF Artillery Challenges 'Similar to Those in Iraq' Chief Artillery Officer: "The legitimacy of our firing on Gaza is accepted with much more understanding today."

* No gaps exist between the U.S. and Israel on Iran nuclear program, says official Senior official involved in Baghdad talks says U.S. is pressuring Iran because it perceives it