Monday, March 11, 2019


Conflicting Reports Suggest Israel Capitulated, Ceding Temple Mount Site to Palestinians Two weeks ago, Palestinians rioted on the Temple Mount, breaking into an area adjacent to Sha'ar HaRachamim (Gate of Mercy, also known as the Golden Gate) in the Temple Mount compound.

Strenuous Israeli diplomacy with Egypt and Jordan defuses escalating disputes over Gaza, Temple Mount Israel's Mossad Director Yossie Cohen and National Security Adviser Meir Ben-Shabat were able to avert violent blow-ups around the Gaza Strip and Temple Mount's Golden Gate by intense negotiations with Cairo and Amman over week's end.

Official PA TV teaches children that Israel will come to an end: "All of Palestine will return to us" Despite insurances from Palestinian Authority leaders that they support a two-state solution and want to live side by side with Israel, the PA continues to teach children that Israel will come to an end.

Netanyahu: Israel is NOT a State of All Its Citizens. It's the JEWISH State Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday ramped up his nationalistic rhetoric ahead of Israel's general election on April 9.

Things Are About to Change: Oil and Gas Have Been Found in the Eastern Mediterranean Large quantities of oil and natural gas have been discovered in the East Med and the race to extract them has begun.

Jordan's King Abdullah to meet with Pence on Middle East peace plan Jordanian King Abdullah II will meet with US Vice President Mike Pence on Monday as the White House continues their efforts to drum up support for the reportedly imminent Middle East peace plan.

White House working to reassure Evangelicals on Middle East peace plan Ahead of the launch of President Trump's Israeli-Palestinian peace plan, the White House has been engaging with Evangelical leaders to reassure them about the plan.

Brexit: EU says it is now up to MPs to decide next steps The EU has said it is now up to MPs to decide the next steps for Brexit and it remains "committed" to agreeing a deal in time for the UK to leave this month.

"Is It Really Human Beings Doing This?" Police "behaved with the priests as they would with killers." - Human rights lawyer, Minya, Egypt.

Far-right parties poised to double seats in EU Parliament: poll Far-right parties are set to double their seats in the European Parliament election in May, according to a new poll. The survey showed far-right parties were ahead in countries like France, Italy and Poland.