Saturday, July 17, 2021


Tisha Be'Av 2021 - What you need to know On Tisha Be'Av, people should not greet one another with verbal greetings * Sitting on a chair is forbidden until after halachic midday * Sitting on the floor or in a low chair is permitted. 

* Israeli military requests funding for a potential strike on Iran: report Planning comes amid concerns negotiations on Iran nuclear deal may collapse. 

* Rouhani warns Iran could enrich uranium to weapons-grade levels  Outgoing Iranian president claims Tehran 'can do anything in the peaceful path,' criticizes ruling theocracy for not letting government seal agreement to restore 2015 nuclear deal. 

* US allies face America's Revolutionary People's Army While the U.S. Joint Chiefs wage war against their political enemies within their ranks, America's actual enemies are becoming increasingly aggressive and emboldened. 

* Iran is racing toward a nuclear bomb, and the Lapid-Bennett government is silent  Naftali Bennett and Yair Lapid have handcuffed Israel to a policy of "no surprises" with the Biden administration and have abandoned the fight for global public opinion. 

* Abbas draws up list of demands for negotiations with Israel  Note that the list contains no hint of any concessions to Israel in return for all this. 

* Jordan Is Now an Ally of the Islamic Republic of Iran The King of Jordan has apparently reached the conclusion that opening the door to the extremist Shiite regime in Iran will save his country from its many crises. 

* Government report can't explain UFOs, but offers no evidence of aliens  Out of 144 encounters with mysterious aircraft, 143 are literally unidentifiable, according to a newly released report to Congress. 

* In meetings with Lapid, EU expresses eagerness to improve Israel ties Most nations back resumption of key annual forum for first time since 2012; Egypt also displays interest in boosting bilateral relations. 

* China Wants to Serve as "Mediator" in Afghanistan Conflict China wants to serve as “a mediator, or a "guarantor of security" on the Afghanistan issue, China's state-run Global Times reported on Sunday, in response to the Taliban's growing dominance of most of the country. 

* EU: New Political Alliance to Fight Creation of European Superstate The leaders of 16 political parties from across Europe have announced an unprecedented alliance to defend the sovereignty of European nation states, protect the nuclear family and preserve traditional Judeo-Christian values. 

* Jewish Temple Mount entrance at risk of collapse. Will Israel fix it? Etzion suggested reviving an ancient passageway under the women's section of the Western Wall called Barclay's Gate.