Saturday, March 03, 2018


Iran Calls On U.S., Europe To Scrap Nuclear Arms, Missiles "The condition for negotiating Iran's missiles is the destruction of the nuclear weapons and long-range missiles of the United States and Europe."

The two-state solution's inconvenient truths Because of the basis of "Palestinian" national identity, the two-state solution basically makes peace impossible. 

Afrin offensive: 36 pro-Syrian government soldiers 'killed in Turkish air strike' At least 36 pro-Syrian government troops have been killed by a Turkish air strike in the region of Afrin, a monitoring group says.

Israel Celebrates Purim When the Hebrew month of Adar began two weeks ago, Jews started to feel joy while preparing for Purim, the happiest day of the year.

Putin Unveils Nuclear-Powered Cruise Missiles, Drone Submarines for Attacking U.S. Russian President Vladimir Putin, in language suggesting the start of a new Cold War, revealed Russia is building nuclear-powered cruise missiles, drone submarines, and other strategic arms designed to attack the United States.

A Battle Of Intelligence, Operations And Narratives An analysis of the Iranian UAV incident and its ramifications.

Trump, Putin, Netanyahu try to back away from a violent clash in Syria The US, Russian and Israeli leaders tried toning down their saber-rattling over the weekend – especially regarding Iran – even as fighting continued in Syria.

Nigeria: Muslims murder 20 Christians, burn down 10 churches The Rt. Rev. Stephen Dami Mamza, the Catholic bishop of the Yola Diocese, stated: “It is on record that less than one week ago, no fewer than 20 innocent Christian farmers were killed in separate attacks in and around Tambo."

'Dark clouds of a war': North Korea will 'counter US' if it holds drills with Seoul North Korea has threatened to "counter the US" if Washington holds joint military exercises with Seoul while still enforcing sanctions against Pyongyang.

Deadly Threat From Iran Former IRGC commander threatens to nuke Israel - and why he’s for real.