Tuesday, May 11, 2021


 Al-Aksa Mosque On Temple Mt Engulfed in Flames: On Verge of Burning Down [WATCH] As violence raged on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem with Palestinian rioters throwing stones and fireworks at Israeli police, a fire broke out, engulfing the silver dome of the Al Aqsa Mosque in smoke.

Rivlin: Palestinian extremists turning Temple Mount into weapons cache “No country in the world would accept a situation like this. We will never accept this reality. We will protect our citizens by all means necessary.”

More evidence that Abbas is stoking the violence Fatah: “Jerusalem – we’ll redeem it with our lives… We’ll sacrifice for Al-Aqsa until the last breath” – Fatah post after lethal shooting attack.

Palestinians: Our True Goal is to Destroy Israel The Palestinians are upset because Jews are being permitted to tour the Temple Mount. The Palestinians do not want to see Jews visiting their holy site; they do not want to see Jews in Jerusalem, and they do not want to see any Jew at all in the land that stretches from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea.

Gaza terror factions fire more than 200 rockets at Israel; six injured in Ashkelon IDF reports that one-third of rockets launched by Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad are falling inside of Gaza.

Jerusalem violence raises tensions in Israel-Gulf ties “There’s universal dislike of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, who are seen as people looking to pervert Islam…by many people in the Abraham Accords and those who might join.”

Hamas is Undermining Israel’s Sovereignty in Jerusalem Hamas has expanded the scope of its “extortion racket” from Gaza to include Israeli policy in Jerusalem. This dangerous trend is sadly abetted by Israeli officialdom and much of the media.

Netanyahu: Gaza terrorists 'crossed a red line,' Israel 'will respond with great force' 'We will not tolerate attacks on our territory, on our capital, on our citizens and on our soldiers,' PM warns.

The US has plunged its relations with Israel into crisis The rupture in ties isn’t about how best to achieve peace between Israel and the Palestinians. It is about prejudice against Jews. Op-ed.

Military candidates in Iran elections raise worry of further IRGC control Analysts and pundits voice concern, after leaked tape of foreign minister Zarif decrying military’s excessive influence over country’s politics.