Thursday, May 30, 2019


Israel goes back to elections as Netanyahu fails to form coalition Exactly one month after the 21st Knesset were sworn in, a majority of the Knesset voted late Wednesday to disperse themselves and initiate an unprecedented repeat election on September 17.

Political Drama: Israel Goes to New Elections, Again The 21st Knesset has been dissolved just weeks after being sworn in.

A third election in 2019? It can certainly happen - Analysis The premise was that polls at the time were predicting 61 MKs for the Center-Left bloc, which included Arab parties unwilling to enter any coalition.

EU races to replace its president as Brexit and trade tensions hang over Europe The next president - who'll replace Jean-Claude Juncker - needs to be approved by a majority of the 28 member states, but also by a majority of lawmakers at the European Parliament, the EU's legislative arm.

Iran Calls on World's Muslims to Attend Quds Day Rallies The Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has, in a statement, called on Muslim people around the world to show their support for the oppressed Palestinian nation by attending the International Quds Day rallies, which are to be held across the globe on May 31.

Iranian Billboard Shows Destroyed US-Israeli Ships: 'We Drowned Them All' The Iranian Fars News Agency released a video this week showing a large billboard that was put up in Vali-e Asr Square in Tehran in honor of Quds Day.

'Deal of the Century' in question as Kushner meets with Israel's prime minister Jared Kushner, U.S. President Donald Trump's senior adviser and son-in-law, met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday afternoon.

EU Elections: Member states vote for the seats Results have started to come in from the elections to the European Parliament.

Jerusalem Rabbi Doesn't Want Pride Flags In City Aryeh Stern, the Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem, called on city leaders to prohibit the flying of the Rainbow flag as part of a coming Pride parade.

Netanyahu is implicitly touted by Trump and Putin in his fight for re-election Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu received an unforeseen boost on Wednesday, May 29, while he was announcing a new election on Sept 17 after failing to set up a government.