Wednesday, August 30, 2017


"All Israelis Should Ascend to Temple Mount", Declares Minister All Israelis should visit the Temple Mount, Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel, who served as the first head of the Beit El Regional Council during the 1980s.

Russian-Syrian airborne radar covers all of Israel The Russian air force has recently deployed to Syria four of its most highly advanced early warning and control aircraft, the Beriev A-50 SRDLO ("Mainstay"), which is rated the most sophisticated AWACS in operation.

Central Bureau of Statistics reports Muslim growth rate still highest in Israel Central Bureau of Statistics releases a report detailing statistics concerning Israel's Muslim population before Eid al-Adha.

North Korea: 'Japan missile was first step in Pacific operation' North Korea says its firing of a missile over Japan was "the first step" of military operations in the Pacific, signalling plans for more launches.

NATO fears Russian war games to turn into invasion NATO allies have voices their concern that Moscow might be planning a surprise invasion, following its large-scaled military exercise with Belarus.

120 Years Later: 3 Days in Basel That Changed the Course of the Jewish Nation The journey that was embarked on in the First Zionist Congress was the beginning of a Jewish transformation.

Why the Standoff with North Korea affects the Middle East Washington's next move will be watched closely in Tehran.

Why the battle against ISIS in Iraq's Tal Afar is 'many times worse' than Mosul The Iraqi military is engaged in fierce fighting against Islamic State militants in the Tal Afar district, where terrorists have fled from the city itself and remain holed up in the town of al-Ayadiya.

Europe: Jihadists Exploit Welfare Benefits While taking money from Swiss taxpayers, Abu Ramadan, a well-known Salafist, called for the introduction of Sharia law in Switzerland and urged Muslims to avoid integrating into Swiss society.

Macron revives multi-speed Europe idea French president Emmanuel Macron has revived the idea of multi-speed Europe, while announcing that he will soon make ten "concrete" proposals to reform the EU after Brexit.