Monday, January 25, 2016


Israel ranked as world's 8th most powerful country  US News & World Report places Israel in the world's top ten power-wise, mostly because of its military. 

Egypt intensifies crackdown ahead of Arab Spring anniversary  Security forces search 5,000 Cairo homes, round up pro-democracy activists and track social media. 

Iran president starts first EU tour since sanctions lifted  Rouhani kicks off trip in Italy, due in France later this week; aims to boost business ties with Europe. 

WATCH: ISIS includes threat to Israel in video featuring Paris attackers  ISIS fighter speaking in the video warns Western governments that ISIS will send the West "hunters thirsty for apostates' blood" and declares that these hunters "will liberate Palestine." 

ISIS calls on Muslim Brothers in Egypt to 'take up arms' against Sisi  In a video released on Saturday, an ISIS fighter urges the Muslim Brothers in Egypt to "use the experience they gained from ousting the previous regime of Hosni Mubarak to topple al-Sisi's regime." 

Netanyahu to EU states: Pressure Brussels to change its attitude toward Israel  According to a statement issued by the PMO, Netanyahu protested the EU's formal positions on Israel, and accused Brussels of employing a 'double standard' toward Israel. 

NPR NPR illustrative photo wipes Israel off the map photo wipes Israel off the map  Yet again, Israel seems to have disappeared from a map of the Mideast in an online publication's illustration. 

Islamic State planning 'Mumbai-style' mass terror attacks in Europe  Jihadi group to focus on 'soft' targets in Europe, especially France, warns EU police agency chief. 

Khamenei: God delivered US sailors into our hands  Iranian leader visits naval unit that took Americans captive earlier this month, hails his forces' 'courage'. 

Palestinian media spurring wave of terror  Since the beginning of the current terror wave, Hamas' Al-Aqsa TV and other Palestinian networks have been devoting nearly all their programming to lauding attacks and 'martyrs'.