Thursday, March 29, 2012


* Blasts as Baghdad opens Arab summit on Syria peace plan Arab leaders have begun talks on a UN-backed peace plan for Syria at the first major international summit to be hosted by Iraq in decades.

* As Global March to J'lem nears, press war rages Organizers of Friday’s “Global March to Jerusalem” launched a press offensive this week.

* 'Iran could recover from military strike in 6 months' Iran’s “workshops” for making nuclear centrifuges and components for the devices are widely dispersed and hidden.

* 'Syria on dangerous trajectory with regional ramifications' United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said Syria's President Bashar Assad must turn his acceptance of a six-point peace plan into action.

* Picture captures a billion stars Scientists have produced a colossal picture of our Milky Way Galaxy, to reveal the detail of a billion stars.

* Israel Buys Azeri Air Field on Iran's Northern Border Foreign Policy magazine reported in an exclusive piece this week that Israel has purchased an Azeri airfield on Iran's northern border.

* Jews Move Into House Near Cave of Patriarchs A group of Jews has moved into a house in Hevron near the Cave of the Machpela (Patriarchs), after buying it from an Arab owner.

* IDF to Remain on Full Alert Over Passover The IDF on Tuesday broke with Israeli tradition and ordered all units to cancel the long-customary Passover leaves and remain on full alert over the holiday.

* Erdogan Rejects 'Outside Pressure' on Iran Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan cozied up to Iran during a visit to Tehran.

* EU to set up anti-cyber-crime centre The European Commission proposed on Wednesday (28 March) a new European cybercrime centre that will help crack down major online criminal activities.