Thursday, April 02, 2015


* Iran nuclear talks: 'Framework' deal agreed An outline agreement on the future shape of Iran's nuclear programme has been reached after marathon talks with six major powers in Switzerland.

* Russia threatens to use 'nuclear force' over Crimea and the Baltic states Russia has threatened to use "nuclear force" to defend its annexation of Crimea and warned that the "same conditions" that prompted it to take military action in Ukraine exist in the three Baltic states, all members of Nato.

* Netanyahu voices outrage that nuclear talks go on while Iran vows to destroy Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday excoriated world powers over their dogged pursuit of a nuclear deal with Iran.

* US Admiral: China 'Muscling Us Out' of Key Region China is creating a "great wall of sand" in the South China Sea, and thus building hegemony in East Asia at the expense of the United States, an American admiral said this week.

* Study: Muslims To Outnumber Christians Worldwide At 2070 Shifts in the world's major religions will see Islam growing faster than any other faith, with the number of Muslims nearly equaling that of Christians by 2050.

* Blood Moon With Total Lunar Eclipse & Eerie Biblical Message Rising Over U.S. Easter Weekend Get ready to feast your eyes on an extra special and rare total lunar eclipse Saturday morning that has some Christians worried this Easter weekend.

* Rabbi Chaim Richman: People Want a New Status Quo "There would be millions of people coming. How would the city prepare itself? This touches on a number of subjects and the blueprints of the Temple or the influx of so many people and being considered," says Rabbi Chaim Richman, International Director for the Temple Institute in the Old City of Jerusalem.

* Kenya attack: Garissa University assault 'leaves 70 dead' At least 70 hostages have been killed in an attack by al-Shabab Islamist militants on a university in north-eastern Kenya, officials say.

* Expert: PA Creating a Generation of Junkies In its latest screed against Israel, the Palestinian Authority has accused "the Zionists" of "drugging up" Arab youth.

* Iranian Defense Minister: We're Ready for War with America Iran is stepping up its aggressive invective against the US, even after negotiations with world powers over its nuclear program held in Lausanne, Switzerland, inconclusively passed a March 31 deadline and continued with no outline of a deal in sight.