Saturday, February 08, 2020


Hamas Cheers Jerusalem Terrorist Attack as ‘Response’ to Trump Peace Plan Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas hailed a car-ramming in Jerusalem that wounded 12 Israeli troops on Thursday as a “practical response” to US President Donald Trump’s controversial Middle East peace plan.

Report: Iranian Al-Quds Force to work with Palestinian militants against US peace plan Hamas said Iran's support "boosts morale and determination to liberate Palestine"

In blow to Trump administration, pan-Islamic group rejects peace plan 57-state Organization of Islamic Cooperation denounces Trump's Mideast peace plan, calls on member states not to cooperate with US.

E.U. Top Diplomat Begins Talks in Iran to Lower ‘Tensions’ Top EU diplomat Josep Borrell on Monday held talks in the Iran capital on a mission aimed at lowering tensions over the Islamic republic’s nuclear programme.

Trump Deal Forces Rabbis Against Jewish Pilgrimage to Temple Mount to Reconsider Stance Unlike many previous powers that had ruled Jerusalem, and had destroyed the holy sites of other faiths, the State of Israel is to be commended for safeguarding the religious sites of all and maintaining a religious status quo.

Our Arab neighbors have always rejected any kind of so-called peace plans Our rights to our land should not and will not be contingent in any way shape or form as to whether we agree to the creation of another enemy state.

EU's top diplomat warns against Trump Middle East peace plan, annexation “Steps towards annexation, if implemented, could not pass unchallenged,” EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said in a statement.

Palestinians Gathering U.N. Support to Reject Trump’s Mideast Peace Plan Palestinian supporters have distributed a draft U.N. resolution demanding an outright rejection of U.S. President Donald Trump’s plan to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, saying it violates international law.

Pete Buttigieg Again Claims Bible Says Babies Can be Aborted “Up to Their First Breath” Democrat presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg insisted again this week that he can be a Christian and support abortion on demand.

Beware of Putin's Push for Primacy in Africa While the United States and France have been helping the fragile governments of Africa's Sahel region stave off Islamist terrorist attacks and takeovers, Russia has been busy trying to push NATO out of the area and augment its own influence there.