Saturday, October 27, 2018


Rocket barrage on southern Israel Gaza terrorists fire at least 14 rockets at Sderot and the area. Some of them intercepted by Iron Dome.

Iaf Strikes In Gaza Strip, Islamic Jihad Calls For A Ceasefire Islamic Jihad announced it accepted an immediate cease fire brokered by Egypt effective immediately, Channel 10 reported.

Idf: Islamic Jihad Rockets Were Directed From Iran, Syria “We have delivered clear messages of this fact to the relevant parties,” he said, adding that, in the IDF’s response, “no one is immune, not in the Gaza Strip nor outside of it."

Police Chief: Turkey Fueling Islamic State Pipeline to Iraq The government of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is helping the Islamic State (ISIS) rebuild a clandestine terror network inside Iraq that poses an ongoing security threat, according to Iraqi National Police Brigadier General Aref al-Zebari.

Five proven Dead Sea Scroll forgeries only the tip of the iceberg, scholars say The Museum of the Bible’s announcement it will pull fragments from display is to be lauded, but is only a first step as accusations fly over dozens of others in global collections

Eternal Jihad: Islam Will Never, Ever Stop Whereas The West Has Learned To Despise Its Own Heritage And Religion, Causing It To Become An Unwitting Ally Of The Jihad.

Islamic Jihad calls ceasefire as Israel hits back at 30-plus rockets from Gaza Iran-backed terror group says it will halt fire after talking with Egypt; no acknowledgement of deal by Israel, which strikes IJ targets in 95 raids.

The Breakneck Islamization of Turkey's Education System Turkey's Directorate of Religious Affairs (Diyanet) is set to receive an additional two billion liras (around $350 million), boosting its budget from last year's 8.3 billion liras ($1.5 billion) to 10.4 billion ($1.8 billion) liras for 2019, according to the newspaper Cumhuriyet.

The Whitewashing of Jamal Khashoggi, Friend of Osama Bin Laden His Relationship With Osama Bin Laden Predates His Days As An “Embedded Reporter” In Afghanistan And Endured After The Soviet Union Withdrew In 1989.

How Prophecy Being Fulfilled Is Changing Christianity Although there have always been Christians who rejected replacement theology, the establishment and success of the State of Israel “upends that whole apple cart,” according to Rabbi Pesach Wolicki, Associate Director of the Center for Jewish-Christian Understanding & Cooperation.