Thursday, September 07, 2017


Arab Pundits Warn Iran Will Follow In Footsteps Of North Korea TEL AVIV - Arabic social media has been buzzing with commentary on the most recent nuclear test performed by North Korea, with many blaming the situation on the international community's nuclear deal with the Iranian regime.

Israeli Experts Point at a New ISIS Trend: Poison in Malls ISIS operatives venture further into cruel and unusual punishment.

Watch: Lebanon Youth Swear Allegiance to Iran's Khamenei This was the first time a video was published clearly confirming the Hezbollah-Iran connection.

Iran Boasts That It Tricked the World, Can Now Start Making Nukes Israel warned former US President Barack Obama that Iran wouldn't honor the nuclear arms deal he brokered with the Islamic Republic.

'Israeli jets hit Syria's Masyaf chemical site' - reports The Syrian army says Israeli jets have attacked a site in the west of the country where Western powers suspect chemical weapons are being produced.

Hurricane Irma causes devastation in the Caribbean Hurricane Irma has caused widespread destruction across the Caribbean, reducing buildings to rubble and leaving at least nine people dead.

Ukraine fears Russia will use exercises next week to invade Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko says he fears that Russia could use massive military manoeuvres next week as a cover for invasion.

UIUC Student Group Compares Zionists to KKK, White Supremacists A University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) student group threatened this week to use "any means necessary," including "full-scale armed conflict," in their mission to oppose the "unholy union of American fascists, white supremacists, and Zionists."

Rivlin tells Merkel Israel obligated to respond to Hezbollah's rearmament Speaking just hours after Syria accuses Israel of striking military site responsible for research on chemical weapons, Rivlin warns Merkel Iranian ambitions to establish a foothold in Syria via a Shiite corridor into its territory would 'plunge the entire region into a war.'

European Court Orders EU Countries to Take Migrants The September 6 ruling, which has been hailed as a victory for European federalism, highlights the degree to which the European Union has usurped decision-making powers from its 28 member states.