Friday, June 19, 2015


US: Iran's sponsorship of global terror is "undiminished" Annual report, released as nuclear deal deadline looms, highlights Revolutionary Guards as primary terror mechanism; hails Abbas for reducing incitement.

Children raped, castrated, thrown into fires in South Sudan: UN 18-month civil war characterized by ethnic massacres, mass child abductions into service of warring militias.

Saudis Sign Nuclear Agreement With Russia As prince visits Moscow, six deals signed between two sides including 'peaceful' nuclear technology, in signs of schism with US over Iran.

Police heighten security in Jerusalem ahead of Ramadan Thousands of worshipers to ascend Temple Mount.

Putin reaffirms support for Syria's Assad, hopes for Iran deal soon Putin defends Moscow's backing of Syria's Bashar al-Assad, says driven by concerns that any overthrow would plunge country into even deeper disarray.

'If conflict not resolved, ISIS will make Palestinian cause its own' Ahead of Fabius visit to region, French diplomat calls stalled peace process "deadly."

Israeli Druse mobilize for their Syrian brothers, fearing the worst Syria is home to some 700,000 members of the sect, mainly in Jebl Druse (the Druse Mountain) area in the southwest.

Greek debt: Fears grow over Greek banks' health Fears are growing over the health of Greek banks after indications that savers have withdrawn billions of euros in the past week.

China Bans Ramadan In latest move against Muslim minority, Chinese authorities ban Ramadan in Xinjiang region 'to protect students' wellbeing.'

Ramadan celebrations begin in Israel, Gaza, and the West Bank To welcome the coming of Ramadan - Muslims all over the Holy Land are celebrating with traditional prayers, food, and gifts.