Monday, July 17, 2017


Edelstein to Jordanian counterpart: Just keep quiet Speaker of the Jordanian Parliament praises terrorists who carried out attack on Temple Mount.

Israel: Syrian truce plan license for Iran foothold Israel waited 10 days from Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin's announcement in Hamburg of their ceasefire plan for southwestern Syria along the borders with Jordan and Syria, before proclaiming its "total opposition" to the plan.

Kurdish Official: '99% Sure' ISIS Leader Baghdadi Still Alive Conflicting reports continue to emerge around the leader of ISIS and his whereabouts.

'Israel May Need To Take Out Iranian Bases in Syria' Former NSC head says Iranian nuke deal source of problems Iran is causing in region, and deal is "worse than we imagined."

Ministers Approve Bill Aiming to Take Jerusalem Off The Negotiating Table The amendment to Basic Law: Jerusalem states that giving up Israeli sovereignty over any part of Jerusalem would require approval by 80 MKs, three-fourths of the Knesset.

Qatar crisis: UAE denies hacking news agency The United Arab Emirates has denied it was behind the alleged hacking of Qatar's state news agency in May.

Muslims avoid Temple Mount Arab Israelis heed calls by Waqf not to go to mosque in protest against installation of metal detectors following deadly terror attack.

Ancient Jugs Unearthed at Shiloh Could Reveal Precise Location of Tabernacle Ten ancient jugs unearthed at the Samaria site of the ancient city of Shiloh could lead researchers to new discoveries about the Jewish tabernacle that existed there before the First Temple was built in Jerusalem.

Palestinian Terror Groups Praise 'Heroic', 'Natural' Temple Mount Killings Friday's terror attack near the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, where three Arab terrorists killed two Israeli police officers, was praised by the Palestinian terror groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

ISIS in the Sinai eyeing Israel According to senior IDF officials, it is only a matter of time and strategic consideration before ISIS in the Sinai-which boasts hundreds of fighters-turns its attention towards Israel and aims to carry out a serious attack.