Monday, November 27, 2017


Netanyahu warns Assad thru Moscow: Don't let Iran have bases Syrian military targets will be attacked if you let Iran set up bases in Syria, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu warned Syrian ruler Bashar Assad via Moscow.

Saudi-led 'Arab NATO' declares total war on terrorism; Iran, Iraq & Syria not invited Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Salman has vowed to "wipe" terrorists from the "face of the earth" using resources available to the Islamic Military Alliance.

It's time to demand recognition of Israeli sovereignty in Golan Heights US President Donald Trump will soon present his initiative for solving the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.

Hamas Official: Weapons used to fight Israel will be sent to West Bank Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other armed Palestinian groups are thought to possess very few weapons in the West Bank.

Inside Russia's mysterious robotic sub fleet in the Arctic The Arctic: the smallest of Earth's five oceans, with icy waters and dagger-like winds, is home to some of the most unforgiving conditions on the planet.

Jordan said to demand answers from Israel as Red Sea-Dead Sea project stalls Jerusalem has threatened to ditch massive infrastructure plan unless the embassy in Amman is reopened.

Israel says it will 'lend a hand' in Egypt's fight against Islamic State Jerusalem already allows extra Egyptian forces in Sinai and, according to foreign reports, carries out its own drone strikes on terrorists there.

Israeli Researchers Debunk Transgender Craze That's Sweeping America The Bible warned that a day would come when good was called evil, and evil was called good.

Netanyahu said to warn Assad: We'll strike if you let Iran set up bases in Syria In latest sign of PM's mounting concern, Israeli TV says he has conveyed stark message to Syrian president via third party.

US halts arms supplies to Syrian Kurds at Turkey's insistence The White House said it was making "adjustments to its support for US partners" after the defeat of ISIS in Raqqa.