Tuesday, April 09, 2019


Gantz VS. Netanyahu: Both claim victory Amid split exit polls Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's party finished second with 33 seats, according to Channel 12. Blue and White takes 37.

Israelis take election holiday before waking up to changed Mid-East realities For a month, Israelis and their media were too steeped in ferocious electioneering, among bidders to lead the next government in the April 9 vote, to notice the critical realities unfolding in the region.

Top Jordanian politician: We hope Israel's elections mark the end of Netanyahu Faisal al-Fayez, speaker of the Senate and a former prime minister, says his nation wants to see Gantz make peace efforts if he becomes Israel's next leader.

Netanyahu: There Will Be No Palestinian State The U.S. is fully aware of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's flat rejection of the creation of a Palestinian state along with his plans to extend Israeli law to West Bank settlements, the Israeli premier said on Monday.

In West Bank, settlers say sovereignty pledge isn't what's driving them to polls Voters in three Israeli communities over the Green Line arrive to vote thinking about security and religion, not annexation.

Palestinian Nationalism's Nazi Roots It is undeniable that during World War II, many Muslims allied with Germany and hundreds of thousands of them fought for the Nazis.

Endless Brexit: Britain & Europe face potential disaster After Brexit negotiations limped along for two years with everyone expecting there would be some fudgy deal there's now a risk of Britain leaving the EU without a deal in just a few days.

Brexit: Theresa May meets Angela Merkel for delay request Theresa May is holding last-minute Brexit talks with the leaders of Germany and France, with the UK due to leave the EU in three days time.

When Will Iran's Regime Finally Cave In? "Yes, the accused fled from a country where virtual bullies push against science, knowledge and expertise and resort to conspiracy theories to find a scapegoat for all the problems because they know well that finding an enemy, spy or someone to blame is much easier than accepting responsibility and complicity in a problem". - Kaveh Madani, one of Iran's leading environmentalists, who recently fled to London.

How Putin benefits from the Israeli-Iranian struggle in Syria Russia holds the cards in Syria. Jerusalem and Tehran must spell out their desires for the Syrian arena to Moscow, who in turn must find a way to leave each side with "half its desires."

Netanyahu says Trump designated Iran Guards a terror group at his request PM takes credit for dramatic US move to further isolate Tehran, announced a day before Israelis go to the polls.