Wednesday, June 28, 2017


 Massive Infrastructure to Transport Millions of Pilgrims to Third Temple Underway  For the first time in approximately 2,000 years, since the time of the Second Temple, plans are being formed by the Israeli government to build an effective infrastructure for Jews to make their obligatory pilgrimage to the Temple in Jerusalem. 

'The Next War Will Be Bloody': A Trip Along Israel's Tense Northern Border  "The next war will be pretty bloody for both sides. Israel will evacuate its population and I suggest the Lebanese do the same." 

U.S. Amassing Aircraft Off Syria As Assad Visits Russian Detachment  U.S. RC-135 Rivet Joint and other spy planes operating in international airspace off Syria. While a WC-135 'nuke sniffer' flew towards the Black Sea. 

On the Future of Jerusalem  A close look at the situation in eastern Jerusalem reveals contradictory movements: radical Islamicization vs. closer integration with Jewish Jerusalem. Both trends are on the rise simultaneously. Despite the complicated circumstances, united Jerusalem under exclusive Israeli sovereignty is the key, not an obstacle, to peace and security in the city.

Israel gears up for Jerusalem Sovereignty fight in UNESCO The diplomatic battle comes at the same time Israel is dealing with the American Jewish community over the centrality of the Western Wall as a global Jewish symbol.

Poll: Israelis have more confidence in Trump than Obama Israel the second most supportive country of the US, poll shows, Israeli Jews second most supportive of Trump presidency.

Shin bet Chief warns of 'real world surprises' if cyber attacks go after Israel Israeli MK Yair Lapid: Intel agencies should form task force to defend elections.

Syria chemical attack may be being prepared, US warns The US says Syria's government appears to be preparing for a chemical weapons attack and has warned that it will "pay a very heavy price" if one takes place.

Hamas: Building in Jerusalem 'promotes terror' Hamas newspaper publishes cartoon asserting that "settlement building" amounts to terror.

Trump: North Korean threat must be treated rapidly Trump says North Korea "causing tremendous problems", calls for threat posed by its nuclear and ballistic programs to be tackled.

Senator blocks arms sales to Gulf States Bob Corker announces he will block arms sales to Gulf states over crisis with Qatar.

Poll: Only Israel and Russia prefer Trump to Obama Pew survey of 37 countries finds plummeting global confidence in US leadership's ability to handle international affairs.

Britain's Battle for Truth As Londoners are left reeling with shock at a succession of terrible tragedies, angry residents and pundits inevitably start looking for someone to blame.

China's 16+1 foray into Central and Eastern Europe Half a decade after it was launched, the network of cooperation between China and 16 Central and Eastern European countries has brought uneven economical and political fruits so far.