Saturday, December 29, 2012


* GREATEST HITS 2012: Kissinger on Israel's coming demise: Senile, prophetic or merely pragmatic? Henry Kissinger's recent statement, that in 10 years Israel will cease to exist, borders on senile.

* IDF corps at odds over techie recruits The IDF General Staff has been grappling with a new dilemma recently: In the modern battlefield "who is a "combat soldier"?

* UN envoy warns Syrian collapse threatens region, says conflict is becoming 'more and more sectarian' The United Nations envoy for Syria warned on Saturday that the country's civil war could plunge the entire region into chaos.

* The Palestinian "holy Trinity": Jesus, Arafat and Abbas The Palestinian leadership's falsification of history by presenting Jesus as an ancient Palestinian increased in regularity as Christmas approached this year.

* Egypt's envoy to Lebanon: Cairo will work with Hezbollah, 'a real political and military force' Egypt's ambassador to Lebanon said his country will pursue a relationship with Hezbollah.

* PA official: US pressuring Arab FMs not to visit Ramallah Palestinian officials in Ramallah on Saturday accused the US of putting pressure on Arab foreign ministers not to visit Ramallah.

* Qumran, the land of buried treasure The year was 68 CE and the Romans were coming, tearing through Judea and destroying everything and everyone in their path.

* Worst of euro crisis over, says German minister Confident that France will "fulfil its obligations" and with Greece off the hook for now, Germany's finance minister Wolfgang Schauble has cast a glimmer of hope for 2013.

* Iraqi Sunni protesters turn out in several cities Tens of thousands of Iraqi Sunnis angry over perceived second-class treatment by the Shiite-led government massed along a major western highway and elsewhere in the country Friday for the largest protests yet in a week of demonstrations.

* Syrian Regime Firing Iranian-Made Missiles at Rebels The Syrian regime this week fired at least two Iranian-made, short-range ballistic missiles.