Wednesday, July 02, 2014


Netanyahu: If quiet not restored to South, troops amassed near Gaza will act with power At 4th of July celebration as rockets fell on South from Gaza, and a few days after burial of kidnapped teens, PM calls on Israel, whose "heart is hurting and blood is boiling," to act and speak with restraint.

Rockets Rain on Israel as Hamas Vows Revenge A total of eleven rockets have fallen on Israeli soil from Gaza since early Wednesday, with six fired in the past two hours.

Palestinians biggest supporters of suicide bombing, says new survey of Muslim world Large majorities in Muslim countries are increasingly worried about Islamist militancy.

The Caliphate Restored The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) has declared itself a caliphate.

'Trolling' among tactics used by US State Dept against ISIS The US State Department has adopted some unconventional tactics to combat ISIS.

Candidly speaking: As Europe slides into a Dark Age, Jews must review their future Recent developments signal that the prospect of Europe sliding into a new Dark Age is now a horrifying reality.

'Iranian attack jets deployed' to help Iraq fight Isis Iran has supplied Iraq with attack jets to help it counter an offensive by Sunni rebels led by the Islamist group Isis.

Ebola: WHO calls emergency talks on outbreak So far, 763 people have been infected with the virus - and 468 of these have died.

60,000 Israelis download SOS app after kidnapping of teens Following the murders of three kidnapped youths, 60,000 Israelis have already downloaded the one-swipe emergency alert application.

Iraqi Kurds dig frontier around disputed areas As Islamic extremists seek to sweep away borders in their advance across the Middle East, Kurds in northern Iraq appear to be in the process of digging a new one.