Monday, November 28, 2011


* "Like It or Not, Egypt is New Iran" say Iranian Guards Egypt is becoming the new Iran, "whether you accept it or not," says a general of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.
* Muslim Brotherhood rally vows to "kill all Jews" Organizers at Cairo's iconic al-Azhar Mosque warn against "Judaization of Jerusalem."
* "US Democracy" Set to Elect Second Mideast Terrorist Party For the second time in six years, the United States urges Mideast elections, and for the second time, a terrorist party is likely to win.
* North Korea supplying Syria, Iran with prohibited nuclear technology German newspaper Die Welt reports that Pyongyang has provided the countries with "maraging steel," used to upgrade missiles and centrifuges.
* Russian Navy backs Syria, delivers weapons and S-300 air defense system Russia is said to have sent warships to deliver an advanced air defense system to Syria.
* "The End is Near": US Store Sales Soar for "Survival Gear" Some Americans are getting ready for a total social collapse by stocking up with survival gear in case of "Occupy the United States."
* Muslim in Germany Gives Birth to "Giant Jihad" If names and weight mean anything, Germany is in trouble. A Muslim gave birth in Berlin to a 13-pound baby and named him Jihad.
* Eurozone crisis: Debt fears loom at White House summit US President Barack Obama is hosting European Union leaders in a summit that is likely to focus on continuing efforts to stem the EU debt crisis.
* France says days of Syrian government are numbered French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe has said time is running out for the Syrian leader after the Arab League agreed on sanctions against Damascus over its crackdown on pro-democracy protests.
* Iran: We'll fire 150,000 missiles at Israel if attacked Defense Minister Vahidi tells army volunteers "Israel has to be punished for what it has done to the Muslims in Palestine".