Friday, April 26, 2019


Putin Says Russia Will Host Summit In August With Presidents Of Iran, Azerbaijan Russian President Vladimir Putin says he will meet with Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev and Iranian President Hassan Rohani at a summit in Russia during August.

Does Russia Have a Better Plan for the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict? Putin has something Trump doesn't have and apparently doesn't want: influence with the Palestinians.

Analysis: Are Iran and the United States heading for war? Reports of US Naval buildup near Middle East as Iran threatens shipping lanes in response to US sanctions.

How Turkey's Democracy Went From Insanity to 'Beyond Insanity' "Bad economic management, among others, brought him [Erdogan] to power ... It may remove him power, too." -- International banker who asked not to be named.

Putting Together the Puzzle: Netanyahu and the Art of Coalition Formation Netanyahu and horse-trading, or the art of coalition formation.

A Professor's Sins and the Temple Mount In an op-ed by Mick Dumper, a professor of Middle East politics at the University of Exeter and author of a book on Jerusalem, we read this prognosis...

Factbox - Brexit delayed: What happens next? Britain's exit from the European Union was postponed by an agreement in Brussels this month that gave Prime Minister Theresa May until Oct. 31 to persuade parliament to approve the departure terms.

How Palestinian Leaders Encourage Terrorism Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas's remarks at the Arab League gathering in Cairo demonstrate his preference for the well-being of terrorists over the ability of hard-working employees to put bread on the table for their families.

The Most Pro-Israel President Ever If an American president and his administration wanted to guarantee Israel's future as a country under constant assault, there are a few things he could do to make Israel's daily existence as fraught as possible.

Islamist preachers in Sudan call for pro-military rally Islamists in Sudan long allied with ousted president Omar al-Bashir's regime called Friday for a rally to support military-backed Islamic rule in the face of alleged attempts by protesters to abolish it.