Wednesday, October 21, 2020


 Netanyahu: We made peace because we are strong Prime minister says Abraham Accords will bring economic benefits to Israel. 'Peace does not come from 'withdrawing to indefensible borders.'

Israeli minister sees another normalisation deal before U.S. election An Israeli official predicted on Wednesday that the United States would announce another deal establishing ties between Israel and an Arab or Muslim country before the U.S. election.

Report: Qatar and Israel growing closer over aid to Gaza An Israeli team visited Doha and arranged for a $60 million transfer to Hamas by year’s end to buy quiet.

Smart, Not Small: The Abraham Accords and the Role of Small States Rather than address state actors as big or small, international relations theory might more profitably think in terms of smart vs. foolish.

Israeli Lawmakers Look to Bring All Visiting Foreign Dignitaries Onto Temple Mount For the first time, a lobbying group met in the Knesset to discuss the subject of the Temple Mount.

Rouhani Says Next U.S. President Must Admit Defeat, ‘Surrender to Iran’ Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday the Islamic republic is entirely uninterested in the outcome of the 2020 U.S. presidential election because the next incumbent of the White House will have to surrender to the Iranian nation.

Radical Islamic network threatens French society, warns Macron after beheading Macron vowed to officially dissolve the Sheikh Yassin organization, a group named after Hamas’ founder that was “directly involved” in the beheading.

Mark Esper: Peace treaties aim to build 'security construct' against Iran "So many... countries in the region recognize that the biggest concern they have... is Iran and its maligned behavior," he said Craft responding to Zarif: "You can't have it both ways".

Armenia Wants Iran's Help, Azerbaijan Says US, Russia, France Not Doing Enough to End Conflict Armenia is seeking Iran's support in pressuring Azerbaijan, while Azerbaijan also appreciates the Islamic Republic's diplomatic overtures.

Recessions Are A Good Thing, Let Them Happen It is a given that you should never mention the “R” word. People immediately assume you mean the end of the world: death, disaster, and destruction.