Tuesday, November 29, 2016


'The plane of the future' The new F-35 'Adir' is the most advanced plane in the world, IAF officials say. 'It is in a class of its own.'

Intelligence chief warns of rise in terrorism in 2017 Head of IDF Intelligence: We are preparing for another wave of terror, possibly ignited by rising frustrations over PA leadership issues.

Petraeus emerges as top Sec of State candidate Former CIA Director, General David Petraeus, has emerged as a top candidate for the coveted post.

Turkey's Erdogan urges all Muslims to 'embrace the Palestinian cause' Speaking at a parliamentary symposium on the Israeli capital in Istanbul, the Turkish president called on all Muslims to 'protect Jerusalem.'

'Zionists should have their throats cut' A 39 year old Dutch man in Ireland will face trial for threatening to kill 2 for being "Zionists."

Jimmy Carter to Obama: Recognize 'Palestine' before end of term Former US President Jimmy Carter urged President Barack Obama to recognize a state of 'Palestine' before leaving office.

In Knesset, Ethiopian Israelis make emotional appeal for relatives left behind Committee meeting on troops whose parents are barred from immigrating shifts gears when IDF forbids soldiers to attend.

Iranian General: Israel Will Fall Within 10 Years A senior Iranian army commander last week assessed that Israel would be destroyed sometime in the next 10 years as a result of further Islamic revolutions in the region.

Most Germans believe EU is 'heading in wrong direction' -survey Almost two-thirds of Germans are dissatisfied with the current situation in the European Union and want to see changes in the bloc.

EU to invest in warships & drones as part of joint defense plan - FT The European Commission is set to announce heavy investment in cyber security.