Tuesday, July 07, 2020


Iran, Proxies Threaten Israel Over 'Evil' West Bank Annexation Plan The Iranian regime and its allies in Lebanon and the Gaza Strip have warned they will confront Israel if its government pushes ahead with a plan to annex parts of the Palestinian West Bank—a move considered illegal under international law and widely condemned by the international community.

Hamas, Fatah warn against unity 'skepticism' at joint press event Hamas, Fatah officials acknowledge Palestinian skepticism over national unity, say this time different.

Egypt, France, Germany, Jordan warn Israel on annexation Egypt, France, Germany and Jordan warned Israel on Tuesday against annexing parts of the Palestinian territories, saying that doing so could have consequences for bilateral relations.

Mossad thwarts attacks against Israeli embassies in Europe: report Terror assaults allegedly prepared by Iran as tensions between Jerusalem and Tehran soar.

First publication: Jordan demands Israel stop work at Western Wall Jordanian Foreign Ministry claims only Waqf has authority to renovate, maintain 'Al Aqsa Mosque,' including the Western Wall.

The political impact of explosions in Iran - analysis Nobody paid the price for sleeping on the watch. The likely reason, the sources said, was because Tehran was interested in downplaying the operation.

France-Turkey tensions mount after NATO naval incident For France, it was the final straw. For Turkey, it was a misunderstanding. For NATO, it could be a turning point.

Turkey Is Deploying Lots Of Air Defense Systems In Syria And Libya In recent months, Turkey has deployed an array of air defense missile systems in Syria and Libya to deter and defend against air and drone attacks mounted by its rivals in these war zones.

Eurozone recession 'will be deeper than forecast' The eurozone economy will sink deeper into recession than previously thought due to the effects of the pandemic, the European Commission (EC) has said.

Nearly 1 Million People Watched Farrakhan’s Speech Threatening Israel’s Demise As of Tuesday, over 800,000 people watched a speech given by Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan on the Fourth of July.