Wednesday, January 13, 2021


 US intelligence backed massive E. Syria air strikes attributed to Israel A senior US intelligence official reports that the air strikes aimed at a major Iranian military presence in eastern Syria on Tuesday night, Jan. 12, were conducted with intelligence provided by the US.

Intense Israeli strikes in east Syria; region on high alert Israeli warplanes have carried out intense airstrikes in eastern Syria, targeting positions and arms depots of Iran-backed fighters.

Al-Qaeda: Pompeo says Iran is jihadist network's 'new home base' US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has publicly accused Iran's government of allowing the jihadist network al-Qaeda to establish a "new home base" there.

Europe Finally ‘Concerned’ over Iran’s Uranium Enrichment as Pompeo Warns Against Iran-Al Qaeda Alliance The European Union expressed “deep concern” Tuesday over Iran’s decision to enrich uranium, a move Israel has warned proves the Islamic Republic is seeking nuclear weapons.

Bullying and racism won’t prevail: Iran’s president hails Trump’s departure, compares him to former Shah Iran’s president has compared the outgoing US leader’s regime with that of the former Shah, and said his rule “with a mindset of a merchant and a gambler” has ended in scandal.

Turkey drought: Istanbul could run out of water in 45 days Water at critically low levels across Turkey after lack of rainfall leads to most severe drought in a decade.

Erdo─čan’s Reckless Gambit: It’s Payback Time US CAATSA sanctions on Turkey’s defense industry are now official. The costs to Turkey of its S-400 deal with Russia have been enormous, both strategically and economically.

UNRWA's education filled with hate, calls to jihad and violence - report Israel is demonized for exerting a negative influence on the entire Middle East region.

Is Turkey’s Procurement Of Russian S-400 Missiles Really Comparable To Greece’s Past Procurement Of S-300s? Turkey invariably insists that opposition from the United States and NATO over its controversial purchase of advanced Russian S-400 air defense missile systems is hypocritical since neighboring Greece never received such scrutiny for its past procurement of older S-300 missiles.

Echoes of Hezekiah: Jerusalem to Get New Water Tunnel Ensuring Unlimited Supply Providing water to Israel’s mountaintop capital city has been problematic since Biblical times.