Thursday, August 01, 2019


Two attacks on two borders in one day: Is IDF ready for war on 3 fronts? Two attacks on two borders in less than 24 hours.

US appears to be seeking a pretext to start Persian Gulf war, Moscow warns, expressing 'concern' The US appears to be seeking a pretext for war in the Persian Gulf, Russia's Foreign Ministry has said, expressing concern at Washington's efforts to build up a coalition capable of deploying naval assets to the region.

Syria says Israel struck Quneitra, near border with Golan Heights Unclear whether strike on al-Bariqa was by air or a surface-to-surface missile.

Reasons Why Peaceful Resolutions for the Arab-Israeli Conflict Always Fail The cause of the problem is NOT the land. After the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, several Arab nations were created by fiat.

Ex-Shin Bet chief: Israel risks 'bloodshed' if it chooses to annex West Bank Yoram Cohen told Army Radio on Thursday that Israel should take steps to 'minimize the occupation'.

Top Rabbi in Israel: We Must Build the Third Temple The former Rabbi of the Old City of Jerusalem and one of the leading rabbis in Israel today said in an interview: "we must do everything in our power to build the Temple".

What Does Israel Want in Iraq? An Iranian political analyst has enumerated the reasons behind the Israeli regime's willingness to get closer to Iraq, saying Tel Aviv's main objective is to cut off Iran's links with the axis of anti-Israel nations in the Middle East.

Johnson appoints controversial 'pro-Iran' Defense Secretary, raises concern "As an MP I have visited Iran more than any other parliamentarian and the last time I went I did so with Jeremy Corbyn," said Ben Wallace.

Rivers of Dust: Water and the Middle East It is written that "Enannatum, ruler of Lagash," slew "60 soldiers" from Umma.

Prophecy Vindicated: Drilling Near Sea of Galilee Causing Record Earthquakes While seismologists in Israel believe they have found the cause of earthquake swarms centered around the Sea of Galilee, prophecies abound that seem to provide better answers.