Friday, April 23, 2010


* US envoy Mitchell visits Mid-East to try to end rift US Middle East envoy George Mitchell has begun meetings with Israeli and Palestinians leaders in the hope of ending a row over East Jerusalem.

* Washington Think Tank Predicts New Mideast War A U.S.-based think tank has issued a report saying that a new Middle East war may be looming on the horizon.

* Does the World Need Another 9/11 to Wake Up? David J. Rusin is a former astrophysicist who is now the director of the Islamist Watch of the Middle East Forum, a Philadelphia-based foreign affairs think tank.

* Saudis, worried by Iran, inch toward nuclear power Saudi Arabia last week announced the establishment of a renewable energy complex, confirming the country’s interest in nuclear energy.

* Greece to activate EU-IMF loans Greece has formally asked for the activation of an EU-IMF financial rescue package to help pull the debt-ridden economy out of its crisis.

* 'Israel won't strike Iran without US' Vice President Joe Biden said Thursday that Israel would not attack Iran without consulting the United States and that Jerusalem clearly saw sanctions as the next step to deal with Teheran's nuclear program.

* Further Greek chaos as new figures show EU fiscal mess The deplorable state of EU government finances was laid bare on Thursday (22 April), following the release of 2009 budget deficit figures by the EU's statistics agency, Eurostat.

* X-37B military spaceplane launches from Cape Canaveral A prototype spaceplane developed for the US military has been launched into orbit from Florida.

* Volcanic ash chaos 'a lesson for Europe' Europe's ash cloud has triggered a flurry of anguished calls for the EU to improve its crisis response and co-ordination, as countries struggle to help thousands of stranded passengers.

* Spain Wants Israel's Support on Mediterranean Union Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman met with Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos on Thursday during a visit to Madrid. Moratinos called on Israel to support the Mediterranean Union.